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2Revolutions pursues bold innovations that promise transformative impacts to the education and development of children and youth. It utilizes its Human Capital Continuum (Birth to 26) and Talent Cloud, as well as industry expertise offered by employees, to research, target, and provide support to existing organizations and support new ideas and ventures. 2Revolutions focuses on developing human capital and designing the future of learning models to catalyze conditions in which children and students can thrive.

2Revolutions was founded on the following five values – the interwoven “strands of rope” that guide its efforts, determining how it works and which projects it takes on:
- Social Impact – exist to identify and pursue opportunities to realize measurable progress against the issues 2Revolutions care about
- Independence – value the ability of its model to enable both intellectual and economic freedom for 2Revolutions and others
- Community – chooses to surround themselves with colleagues and partners with common interests, passion and values
- Fun/Creativity – love what they do do, so they do what 2Revolusions loves
- Balance/Sustainability – by actively maintaining balance among the many priorities in life, each of 2Revolutions staff will be more effective over the long haul






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