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9thPeriod is a social education network and academic platform combining web2.0 and specific learning tools to assist in learning and solve educational problems in institutions. One of its many provided services is a connection from school to district to other learning environments in the state, country, and world. 9thPeriod developers believe that promoting student engagement is one of the most important parts of a learning academic process, and therefore have developed the program to integrate learning with social networking and media connections. 9thPeriod works by allowing students to help themselves and each other with homework assignments, projects, papers, and exams. Its goal is to give the academic community the means to connect with other individuals who are working on similar assignments with like academic minds. It offers many of the same solutions and services as Blackboard and Moodle.

9thPeriod offers k-12 solutions, as well as individual support for college students, tutoring, and lifelong learners. The program is webbased as well as mobile (iOS) bound.


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