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Abeo is a digital media and learning initiative focused on fostering awareness and understanding within the educational community, resulting in improved communication, motivation and engagement. Abeo is a mash up of facebook, eharmony and Zynga; a private social network leveraging personality profiles and game-based learning.

According to the Gallup Student Poll (2011) 46 percent of students in secondary schools are disengaged. They have a lack of ideas and energy for the future. Furthermore, (2006) determined that 35 percent of student dropouts dropped out because they could not get along with their teacher.

These statistics indicate a significant number of teachers mismanage their students, communicating with and motivating them ineffectively.

Knowledge and training are the key to increasing student engagement. Abeo’s social network game-based learning platform helps teachers become aware of and understand the diversity of student’s behavioral styles and motivators. A key component helps teachers learn how to adapt communication and management resulting in improved student engagement.





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