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APTITUDE,is an online education service provider based in Norwalk, CT that is focused on utilizing a classic core curriculum to help High School students improve upon their SAT read/write scores. Most importantly, we are focused on providing college bound students with the critical tools necessary to master their full English language potential. Our classic core curriculum has been successfully deployed in two prominent Connecticut school districts with amazing results. Our flagship course called, Latin for the SAT or(“LATSAT”), is offered as an accredited High School English elective and taught through the University of Connecticut by Professor Stephen Lanza. The course is taught in an online real time environment. To date, approximately 104 students which represent 17% of the senior graduating class of these two school districts have taken this course with strong consistent metrics. In addition, this past Fall we piloted an abbreviated version of this class as an SAT review course direct to students. The pilot of this program reflected similar benefits to the more robust high school English elective. Our pilot program students experienced similar uplifts in their English read/write SAT scores as reflected in our Executive presentation. We invite you to review the sample lecture video below, which showcases Ms. Shannon Walker, who teaches our SAT review course and who presently teaches Latin to over 300 students at a magnet school in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn. We at APTITUDE are committed to taking the Best in Class instructors from around the country and providing them with solid online technology tools and a classic curriculum such that students can leverage and take their English skills to the next level. We are firm believers in the premise that when “The Classics and Technology merge together” we can provide a program that is exciting, challenging and rewarding to the future of our college bound students.





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