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EditAsperger Connection School

The school builds on a HFA and/or Asperger student’s strengths and unique interests in a small class setting in Eastern North Carolina-or through the virtual classes.
The curriculum is 100% digital based and maximizes the learning from students who are naturally enthused about learning from their laptops. The courses meet national core standards. The school is part of The White House Digital Promise League of Innovators.
Each student progresses at their own pace, using their unique form of learning. Teachers are passionate about working with every student so that they build their skills and self-confidence.

Social Skill training is infused through the courses and through webinars among the students.
The electives are digital, robust and exciting. The electives include Digital Communication, Digital Art, Foreign Language, Environmental Health and Life Skills.
All the courses are designed to bring the student to reach their full potential by developing critical thinking skills.

The school in Eastern North Carolina is the first of many. A second school is in the planning stages for coastal North Carolina and 2 other locations in state. The business plan forecasts a franchise system and partnership with educational technology companies.




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