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Baby World Language (BWL) provides highly innovative early childhood language development products and services to the pre-kindergarten language learning sector. Our initial focus is on enabling new mothers in Asia to become their child’s first English language teacher for pre-kindergarten kids from 0-3 years old.

Studies show that language learning begins very young, so our programming enables parents to take advantage of the earliest possible language learning window for maximum learning results. The BWL learning program is for pregnant women and new mothers who want their baby to have the best possible opportunity to make great early achievements in understanding and using English language.

Recent science shows us that humans begin to learn language in the third trimester of pregnancy. Around the sixth month of pregnancy, our ears are fully developed and we hear sounds in our environment. The sounds we hear most often come from our mothers. At birth, babies can recognize their mother’s voice. The most natural way to learn a language is to begin with listening. So, we begin with lessons that mom can give the baby to listen to.

Studies also indicate that very young children learn best from their moms. So we have designed the first year of the program to enable moms to introduce these most important English sounds to her baby. By the time we reach our first birthday, we are already determining which sounds are important to the language we will use. It is essential to introduce these English sounds to children before their first birthday.

We create our own, animated nursery rhyme songs, and even have an “in-womb” device for moms to provide English language lessons and music to their unborn children in the third trimester (when our ears are fully developed and we begin to learn language).

We have a strong international team with many years of experience in Canada and Asia with early childhood education and language development. BWL experts include certified professionals in early childhood education, speech and language pathology, kindergarten and primary school teaching, instructional design and teaching English as a second language.

Our Vision
Baby World Language Ltd. has a vision to be the best early childhood language development company in the world by 2020.

Our Mission
Baby World Language Ltd. has a mission to bring safe, top quality products and services to the pre-kindergarten language learning market.

Our Values – We Will:
- understand our customers, shareholders, and colleagues.
- respect our customers, shareholders, and colleagues.
- keep our promises to our customers, shareholders, and colleagues.
- constantly improve on what we do and how we do it.
- change our company, our business practices, and ourselves to meet our commitments.





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