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Baydin makes email management tools that help customers spend less time wrestling with email and looking for information, and more time doing meaningful work. The Email Game is the fastest, most fun way to manage email. It is a productivity application and plugin for enterprises and institutions to be more productive, efficient, and cognizant of time.

Baydin makes Boomerang, a snooze button for an email message – it allows someone to take a message out of his inbox for a predetermined amount of time, then moves it back, marking it unread, when it is time to follow up. It is available for Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010. Boomerang for Gmail provides the same ability to receive a message when it is actually needed, as well as adding the ability to send an email at a scheduled time.




The Email Game - Conquer your Email from Baydin Inc. on Vimeo.



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