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Cognitive Kid, Inc. creates engaging, immersive, and interactive educational applications for touch screen devices. its products combine thought provoking educational content with engaging gameplay and thrilling interactions that keep children engaged and entertained, that aim to teach and reinforce concepts by answering not just the “what?” but also the “why?” and ”how?”. Cognitive Kids mission is to encourage children to think, ask questions, make connections, synthesize information and develop higher order learning skills, and to instill a love for learning that will carry on from a child’s early years to throughout their adulthood.

Its primary application is Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa, which integrates interactions and animations, visuals, quests, puzzles and games to help bring learning to life. Created for kids aged 4-9, Ansel & Clair’s Adventures in Africa is the first in a series of educational apps designed to leverage the multi-sensory experience of the iPad. Completely supported by audio, the app offers hours of independent exploration and learning for both kids who have not yet learned to read as well as for older kids who can read.






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