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Critical Links helps small and medium K-12 schools move to School 2.0 faster, without the complexity and the costs. Critical Links provides a plug-and-play School 2.0 solution that combines all the technology required to run a 21st century school. The Education Appliance™ (EA) provides all vital learning, networking, and administration capabilities for schools out of a single, intuitive, remotely managed, and integrated school server solution. The solution effectively becomes the single-sign-on platform where 3rd party educational Apps, Services, or Content, at the premises or at the cloud, are plugged-in and provisioned to the school community.

Critical Links addresses the growing demand to deliver an effective learning experience by leveraging technology. After years of modest growth the education technology market is reaching an inflexion point and is fueled by massive spending on K-12 school modernization programs especially in emerging countries. The market globally tends towards a 1:1 learning model where each student is equipped with a laptop to enable more interactive and effective learning. This creates demand for better school infrastructure and services in the backend – Critical Link’s focus.
The Education Appliance™ has been deployed worldwide, including at over 1,200 schools in the world’s largest school modernization program in Portugal, as well as in Senegal, Ecuador, Namibia, Brazil, among many others, and has been referenced by Forrester and Gartner. In 2010 Critical Links engaged with Intel and established the EA as Intel’s preferred school server and an integral part of Intel’s education reference architecture. A similar strategic alliance with Microsoft is going to be announced in 2011. EA’s education specific focus and unprecedented breadth of functionality spanning beyond traditional product boundaries, positions it uniquely in the market with no meaningful competition to date.


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Delivering the vital services at the School
Delivering the vital services at the School
Education Appliance



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