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The Educreations iPad app transforms the tablet into an interactive whiteboard that records a teacher’s voice and handwriting as they explain a concept or work through an example problem. Teachers can add photos to their lessons from the iPad’s Photo Library or camera, or a Dropbox account, and they can animate the photos by tapping and dragging. Finished lessons are hosted on, and teachers can choose to make them public or private. Lessons can be shared via email or social networks and can be embedded on a blog.

The company has also created a web-based whiteboard that works in any web browser. It’s compatible with all of the interactive whiteboards that are already installed in over 30% of US classrooms.

Educreations became the #1 app in the education App Store within 4 days of launching. It’s currently a free download on the App Store. It was released on December 12, 2011.


iPad screenshot
iPad screenshot
iPad screenshot




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