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eduPad’s mission is to provide a cross-platform solution that enables anyone with great educational content such as publishers, teachers and organizations to easily publish great e-learning apps without lengthy and expensive technology development. eduPad believes that tactile tablets are about to change the way we learn, because they are so intuitive and because they eliminate the barriers between school and home, work and personal, play and study. It therefore aims to promote tablet applications and learning through its free app developer. The apps are not web based, so no Internet connection is needed allowing apps to be used at home, school, and during commutes or traveling. Therefore, the apps work faster than other learning apps as they do not need to wait for server responses or to receive information. Apps can include three types of quesitons (multiple choice, open answer (numeric or alphanumeric), text selection), and can contain text, images, sounds, hints, detailed answers, and features like difficulty, allowed time, and points.


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