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As an open SaaS platform, English360 lets users quickly and easily set up branded digital learning communities to consume, create, share, deliver, manage, and self-publish online learning. Over 90 courses from partners such as Cambridge can be disaggregated, remixed and personalized. Publishers/content creators choose the platform and distribution method. School administrators choose which content is viable and focused for their students, and can customize the display and feel of the presentation. Teachers/instructors can decide and outline the information to their users/students in lessons, customized pace, or via calendar/scheduled distribution. The aim is not to replace the teacher but empower them to provide courses that help learners achieve their real-life goals. English360 provides the content, and allows teachers to build their courses and content from the base up – not around the online content, but instead as they see the course arranged and developed.




English360 - Cambridge University Press from Atelier Transfert on Vimeo.



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