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Fractor is a social media start-up dedicated to inspiring civic action through online and mobile technologies. We have a patent pending technology that will allow anyone, anywhere on the web to find relevant actions and share these solutions with their friends. We turbocharge cause marketing, enhance media and empower individuals. Stay tuned.

Fractor: Act on Facts

Often the influx of daily news can be overwhelming. Disasters, violence, poverty, crime and war are the regular tally. Readers comment on the world being out of control or at least out of their control. They often ask, “What can I do?” Fractor offers a direct answer to this question.

The Fractor website offers its users a snap shot of what is going on in the world, what can be done about it, who else is involved, and the tools to quickly take and promote action and action campaigns.

But Fractor goes farther and gives news readers the tools to “act on facts” wherever they are on the web. For example, reading about news of an earthquake in Central America might bring up “acts” requesting humanitarian relief such as sending blankets, canned food and medical volunteers to the disaster zone. Similarly, stories about the crisis in Darfur might be paired with “acts” highlighting political action, educational opportunities and fund raising needs.

At its essence, Fractor encourages the spirit of civic activism and volunteerism that has its roots in a ‘think globally, act locally’ approach.

An early Fractor prototype was made possible by a MacArthur Foundation Knowledge Networking Award.