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Goalbook is a collaboration platform for teachers, parents, and students centered around the achievement of individual student learning goals. As education becomes more personalized and delivered through teams of specialists, the challenges of collaboration and tracking achievement will continue to grow. Goalbook leverages social networking technology to help educators address these challenges.

Goalbook helps teams of educators, students, and parents collaborate around personal learning plans for themselves and students. It assists in special education by tracking IEP goals and sharing progress across the team. It can group students into tiers and set individual or group goals, which goals and progress are thens hared wit intervention teams to record progress and evaluate effectiveness of the learning statues and interventions. Users can also set online learning goals that track labs and online media content learning. Students can also set their own goals, track their own progress, and collaborate with their teachers and parents throughout every step of their progress.


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Goalbook for Parents from Daniel Yoo on Vimeo.

Goalbook Beta Overview from Daniel Yoo on Vimeo.



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