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GreatSchools provides public and private school ratings, reviews and an active parent community. GreatSchools improves the K-12 experience by inspiring parents to become more involved in their child’s school. The online parent section allows parents to track and monitor students progress. It provides information on school ratings and rankings, of both public and private preschools through high schools with over 800,000 parent ratings and reviews. Information includes health and development, individual grade levels, academics and activities, special education, and test prep. GreatSchools has both widgets and smartphone apps, including school finders, ratings, and maps.

CollegeBound, an online program for parents, helps parents in raising college-ready high school graduates and is available in both English and Spanish.

WhatWorked is a story and tip sharing system about volunteering, fundraising, and building school communities.

MySchoolStats is a personalized email newsletter for each family on child’s performance.






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