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Hyper Island offers seven full time programs for lifelong learners at campuses in Stockholm, Karlskrona, and Manchester, and also has offices in London and New York City. Courses are offered to individuals as well as companies and industry organizations, ranging in topic from interactive media management, e-commerce business, mobile applications, and learning designer and facilitator trainings. Hyper Island has been developing and providing programs and courses with its in-house methodology designed through experience-based learning. Hyper Island works with leadership-, team- and individual development towards the private and the public sector, and has worked with external projects, such as setting up a two-year Management program in Prishtina, Kosovo together with the Olof Palme International Center and IPKO Institute.

After 16 years of acquiring experience and know-how, always in close collaboration with the best agencies around the world, Hyper Island launched Hyper Island Executive Education with it’s first Master Class in August 2008, a digital training program for global creative companies and corporations.


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