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iDev Apps provides a collection of 15 iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad educational math apps with easy to use and intuitive interfaces. The iDevBooks math apps are used by schools, parents, and students worldwide, and are also popular in special education. The apps are optimized less around bells and whistles and more around the way how they can help students learn.

Core features of iDevBooks math apps:
- no ads or in-app purchases
- wrong answers are not
- there are no timers, counters or a sense of
- distractions are kept to a
- user feedback is valued and the apps are updated with new features based on feedback from teachers and
- no user tracking of any kind*

iDev Books provides apps in: Long Division, Long Multiplication, Column Addition, Column Subtraction, Fraction Math, Lattice Multiplication, Partial Products Multiplication, Partial Sums Addition, Partial Differences Subtraction, Left-to-Right Subtraction, Everyday Column Addition, Column Division, Trade-First Subtraction, Grid Multiplication, and Partial Quotients Division.


Educational Math




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