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EditIntelligent Papers

Intelligent Papers is a company focused on building the tools for global equality in education. It is based in Palo Alto, CA, and currently operates in three different countries in three different continents.

Company History
Cuneyt and Ismet started Intelligent Papers with the goal of eliminating paper from education and closing the digital divide globally. To achieve this, they decided to build a digital textbook using inexpensive touch devices with software that makes them easy to use, with the ability to write on the books, highlight, watch videos and presentations, listen to audio, access internet when available, engage in interactive games and exercises and collaborate with other students. Intelligent Papers conducted its first pilot in Ankara, Turkey in the spring of 2009. Later, in 2010, TUBITAK, the Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Organization awarded a $1,000,000 research and development grant.

In the meantime, when California approved digital high school textbooks in math and science, Cuneyt and Ismet decided to turn their attention to the US. RUSD (Riverside Unified School District) approved and started its first Intelligent Papers pilot in October 2009 in a Biology Honors Class in Arlington High School. Subsequently, a second pilot was approved and started in January 2010 in a Calculus AP class in Ramona High School. The company has been working very closely with RUSD to improve its solution in order to fit the needs of US School Districts. Intelligent Papers is also working on starting trials in other California districts, and a California community college.