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EditiStudent Australia

iStudent is a foreign information website for students studying abroad, focusing in Australia. Its mission is to give students a chance to improve their English by meeting and making friends with people of all different cultures, make life in Australia easier by helping students find accommodation, with assignments and studies, in finding a job and providing opportunities to share experiences and opinions.
iStudent provides a wide spread of information, fromp laces to eat, clubs and pubs, how to manage foreign style learning and classes, housing, and lists other students studying at schools and abroad. It is available for Sydney, perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane, and Carins.
It is also available in print form as a magazine. Founded in 2007, iStudent Magazine is based in Sydney and is distributed to local Education providers. In 2011 the iStudent distribution network has been extended to include most other Australian capital cities and a number of overseas countries.