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EditKids Teaching Kids

The goal of KidsTeachingKids is to encourage student-produced video explanations of every problem in every textbook and make them freely and easily accessible to any student, anywhere in the world, with a web connection or cell phone.

The basic concept is simple: empower kids to teach other kids. It’s the universal video wikipedia that has the potential to change the way kids are educated, and education yearns to be free.

Videos will all be open source, so they can be freely translated into any and all languages for use around the world. Videos may be shot with cell phone video cameras and will be available to play on cell phones and iPads, as well as websites.

The Kids Teaching Kids site will target K-12 kids, present an engaging and intuitive user experience, and showcase video content created exclusively by kids for kids. The result creates a forum of students sharing tips. It makes many subjects palatable, and learning more enjoyable. It makes a tutor available to every child, everywhere in the world, at any time, for any subject, for free.




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