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Kno offers a free app for mobile, iPad, and browsers to read textbooks for school. It integrates with Facebook as well, allowing users to read textbooks through social media. Users must purchase or rent books or publications offered through Kno, which are downloadable via the free App Bookstore, or from the KnoBookstore website; files are stored as encrypted PDFs. For mobiles, currently Kno only offers iOS support, but is planning on releasing Android and MeeGo supported versions in the future. Downloads and textbooks are store with account information, so if the user deletes the App, he or she can still access the book files via the web or once the App is re-downloaded.

Know also offers a two-panel tablet that blends the experience of the conventional textbook with the digital world of video, note-taking, sharing and more. Its open platform encourages publishers and developers to create and distribute innovative education applications and content






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