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Founded in 2011 by Weizmann Institute of Science Ph.D. Jan Ihmels and Stanford Ph.D. Orly Fuhrman,™ aims to change the way languages are learnt online.™ personal assistant, currently available as a free Google Chrome Extension, seamlessly integrates language learning with online daily activities, empowering users to boost their vocabulary and improve their language skills.™ personal assistant uses patent-pending NLP technology to take language learning out of the classroom, or specific lesson (online or offline), and into the daily life of anyone who wants to learn another language.

Using™ is a personalized learning experience – you add and learn new words from any web page you visit, you practice what is right for you when it’s convenient, and you read the most relevant content for your learning.

By enabling a user to learn a language while consuming the online content that falls within the person’s field of interest or profession, a learner can more easily amplify his or her vocabulary and learn grammar as it is being applied.


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