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Metryx was founded on the belief that the best teaching is skill-centered teaching that meets each student’s personalized needs. Metryx wants to see high-flying students get the accelerated instruction they need while students who struggle receive the targeted interventions they need. In order to make this happen, teachers need a more effective and efficient tool to collect, analyze and differentiate classroom formative assessment data. Metryx is the mobile, formative assessment solution for classrooms, schools and districts that are interested in pushing more of their students toward mastery.

Metryx helps increase the amount of formative assessment that teachers are able to do in their classrooms by giving the teacher a highly flexible tool they can use to track any skill on the fly or over time. Metryx analytics provide the insight educators need to make informed decisions around how to regroup and reteach students.


Create Differentiated Groups Based Upon Mastery Scores
Multiple Visuals for Displaying Results
Multiple Methods for Taking in Data


Metryx Summary Video from Metryx on Vimeo.



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