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EditMindset Works

Mindset Works enables students and educators to realize their full potential through the growth mindset – the understanding that intelligence is malleable and up to us to develop. The Company translates psychology research into practical products and services to help students and educators improve teaching and learning. It originated from Dr. Carol Dweck and Dr. Lisa Blackwell’s research, which showed the effect of mindset on student achievement and identified ways to instill a growth mindset in students.

The Company’s core competency is its expertise helping human beings develop a growth mindset to adopt behavior that is more conducive to learning. The Company has developed expertise in delivering growth mindset interventions and has secured a growing a network of passionate customers with whom it co-creates. The Company serves school and district customers in over 40 U.S. States and several countries, and also makes its products available to families.

The Company will continue its strong growth to become a large, meaningful organization driven by its focus and expertise in the growth mindset. We contend that the growth mindset is a key lever to transform people’s lives.


Diving into the Brain
Chris & Dahlia being introduced to the Brain Orb
Entering Dr. C's Brain Lab
Going into the Virtual Brain
Reflecting on One's Challenges
Visualizing new connections upon learning something new