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The Mingoville Company was founded in 2007 and is majority owned by the founder. A total of 6 million USD has been invested into the company’s learning assets.

The Company offers two online educational products. Both programs make extensive use of storytelling and oral communication. Hence the applications contain close to 40.000 audio files, explaining and guiding the students through different subjects. We have much focus on enabling students and teachers to choose different learning platforms. Hence we provide learning material on PC, Interactive whiteboards, Smart phones and tablets.

The first program is called Mingoville ( – it is the worlds most comprehensive online English (ESL, EFL) language learning program for kids age 6 – 12. The website and the interactive dictionary are translated into 32 languages. More that 1.5 million kids have created an account.

The program is widely used by privates, schools and governments all around the world. The business model is based on license sales. Private individuals can purchase a one-year license with credit card. Schools and school districts can gain access to an admin panel that allows them to administer teachers and students. Governments can grant free license to an entire country by using special teacher signup forms.

The second program is called Skolemat ( – Skolemat is at the moment only available in Danish. It contains the entire math curriculum from K-9. Much focus has been made on animations and storytelling that help the students to learn their math topics. The program allows the student to learn about a new topic, before practice with exercises. Skolemat allows the student to learn before being required to practice.

In Denmark schools and school districts buy the program. Typically schools purchase a three-year license. More than 160,000 students in Denmark have access to our math program. Equivalent to 25% of the schools.


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