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Kids are very creative and have big imagination, but more often than not their creativity ends up buried under piles of documents on their parents’ bookshelves. Parents sometimes don’t even realize what their children are good at! Given the adaptability challenges that our children will face, we need to cultivate and encourage their creativity.

Nanoogo is a creative learning platform for young students and their teachers. Using our digital canvas, children can create original artwork and write stories to express their so unique talents. They can then share their creations with their friends, explore other kids’ ideas and masterpieces, comment, give kudos, and earn points to unlock more goodies to be creative with! A gamified engine at the core of Nanoogo makes it really fun for kids to be creative, which greatly enhances classroom environment and participation.

The platform features a section entirely dedicated to teachers and classroom use, on which teachers can manage classes, create projects for their students and moderate their students’ posts.

Nanoogo is targeted at children in elementary and middle schools. The site is very easy to use and kid-friendly, which makes it the learning tool that students actually love using.
Nanoogo is also very safe and respects the COPPA provisions, as the content is constantly moderated by our staff (for the public site) or kept in the privacy of a classroom and under management of a responsible teacher.

The platform is also used by after-school programs. Nanoogo is in partnership with THINK Together, an important after-school program in California, currently in the process of unrolling the platform to its 100,000 students.

With Nanoogo, it’s fun to be creative!






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