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It is well established that the use of Open Educational resources (OER) is a critical component of cost-saving measures in education, at all levels (K-16). Our development efforts are focused on creating affordable, engaging, effective digital learning learning experiences for teachers and students–built on a foundation of exceptional OER learning content–to support changing teaching practices and to better address the needs of 21st century students.
Our platform has three main components: the Open Library for easily finding OER and premium content aggregated by our community of curators; a course assembly tool that enables educators to remix, revise and redistribute the content they find or upload; and the CoursePilotâ„¢, a software application that compiles the course content assembled by an instructor for students to access on tablets, smartphones and desktop/laptops.
Instructors will be able to create variations of any given curriculum by adding learner-specific additional content or tools in order to support diverse learners. Integrated community features and analytics support instruction and P2P learning.
Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning by increasing the quantity, quality and diversity of OER learning materials that can be easily incorporated into faculty designed courses–and providing a state-of-the-art content delivery product for students to engage those courses.
Our first target markets are community colleges committed to using and developing OER in order to make education more accessible to their student population.


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