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OrangeorApple is an app developer for iOS devices. Its current product, Flashcards Deluxe, is a flash card studying platform developed to learn foreign languages. However, there are over 4 million downloadable flash cards available for the program. Additionally, by using Flash Card Maker Pro, users can make and develop their own flashcards and studying platforms, and then share those with other users.

It features:
- Two smart study modes that automatically focus more on the cards you miss: Leitner and a more advanced Spaced Repetition mode (similar to SuperMemo)
- and integration – Browse and download any of their 4 million+ flashcard sets
- Text to speech (TTS) support in 9 languages
- Searchable listing of your cards that allows you to easily look up other terms as you study
- Divide cards into categories
- 5-sided cards
- Slideshow mode


iPhone screenshot
iPhone screenshot




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