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Open Solutions for Education (OS4Ed) is a provider of open source student information systems to schools and districts, providing alternatives to other costly commercial programs. The program is offered vendor-free to owner the total cost of ownership for the administrative system.
The company offers:
-OpenSIS, a student information system for public and private K-12 and Higher Education. It is a web based, open source program that includes student demographics, scheduling, grade books, attendance, reports cards, eligibility, transcripts, parent portal, and student portals.
-OpenIntel is a free open source data warehouse available to districts to help meet NoChildLeftBehind (NCLB) requirements, including accountability, highly qualified teachers, and student achievement. It assists with collection and reporting of tracking, measuring, and analyzing of data.
-QuickMember, a membership management program, facilitates organizations around the world with a quick and easy way to target, enroll, and service its members without having to purchase software.






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