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EditPora Ora (Caped Koala)

Pora Ora, a product of Caped Koala Studios (, is an online engaging world for children ages 5-12 aimed to teach and immerse students in a safe, fun, learning environment. Participants are rewarded for participating in educational mini-games and quests. Rewards for games are in-game currency that allow students to customize their avatars, decorate their homes and gardens, and buy gifts and presents for other online friends. All games are currently mapped directly to the UK national curriculum and content is intelligently adjusted to challenge each and every child. Pora Ora tracks progress and interests and suggests next games and levels for users. It provides detailed reports for parents and teachers that outline strengths and weaknesses against the national expectations.

Pora Ora is developing regional curriculum content in the coming months, to cover our ever-widening global community.






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