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On one hand Schoolbinder is an online suite of collaborative learning tools for schools. We offer Common Core student goal setting, Dropbox integrated file manager, grade book, attendance, online calendars, SMS text reminders, discussion boards, etc.

On the other hand we are a huge database of best instructional practices and Common Core student achievement data for departments and schools to mine. We save schools time by helping them conduct their administrative duties and we help them laser focus their resources on their areas of need.

We’ve recently focused our efforts on tools that help principals make better decisions with greater certainty. Specifically, we help them maintain their teacher observations, reviews, and any other data they wish to collect and provide custom reports on that data. We’ve worked with principals directly to build out relevant views that allow them to confidently decide on a myriad of issues that previously required significant manual effort and failed to provide an accurate idea of return on investment.

Schoolbinder is one of the youngest companies to be awarded a contract by the New York City Department of Education. We are about to take full advantage of it. In the last 7 months we show a 100% growth in signups and went from 4,600 users to 9,500.


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