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Schoox offers a social environment where users can discover, collect and review knowledge resources on any topic. Users that are experts in an area can create courses for others to utilize. Through incorporating resources of different kinds (web pages, videos, blogs, wikis, online books, documents, online courses), users can specialize and hone in their interests on any subject. SchooX’s different kinds of resources are supported with special features according to their format: for example, online courses are supported by an internal Learning Management Module that monitors and maintains the user’s learning process and data/information provided. As the shelf life of information and technology is short, Schoox aims to help users find, sort, and utilize the information, media, and resources available to them to provide a dynamic and quality learning experience. Users find information or resources or tutorials online, “Schoox It”, and it is shared on Schoox for all to use and learn from.






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