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Sifteo is a producer of games and devices to aid learning. It produces ‘SIfteo Cubes’, an interactive device that works through the user’s computer, connecting the wirelessly to digital games store on the computer and website. Cube packs are full color 1.5″ LCD displays with motion sensors and rechargeable batteries, providing up to four (4) hours of play time. Players use their hands to move, shake, flip, rotate and neighbor your Sifteo cube patterns, pictures, and other interfaces. Games range from matching to arcade missions to mutil-player strategy games. Sifteo games are inspired by brainy activities like chess, tangrams, and Sunday crosswords.

Users can also get the Creativity Kit, which allows them to create their own games and challenges – they can add their own word lists, build quizzes, and issue challenges to your friends, family or students. Coming soon is the option to upload and share these creations with Sifteo users around the world.






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