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Skilio is a social networking website that enables you to find the expertise you need, and share the skills you have – instantly. Negotiate a price that suits you, and go through to a live Skilio Session to discover a new way of learning over webcam, chat and document share. Membership / singing up is free to all users. Skills are shared through virtual ‘classrooms’ with webcams and chatting capabilities. Payments and prices are negotiated between members, depending on services or skills being taught. Payments can be an exchange of services/skills, monetary payments, credits, or voluntary contributions to the instructors; Skilio takes a 15% commission on all classes/skills taught.
Skilio is geared towards individuals, businesses, teachers and students, those just starting their careers and those who have retired and have many years of expert knowledge behind them.
Skilio hopes to provide money earning and saving abilities, as well as networking and connecting with others of similar interests or knowledge/skill-sets.






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