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What is Fish Smarty?

Fish Smarty is what we did not have when we were children, an online educational platform that is meant to help parents and educators to make their kids smarter. It is what we always wanted, an interactive place with educational games, cartoons and coloring pages. This is Fish Smarty, an educational portal for children between 3-9 years old with lots of online and outdoor educational games and so much more. This is our remarkable portal that you simply feel the urge to talk about with everybody.

Why it is useful for children?

Smarty Education wanted to have education presented in a new, modern, interactive and funny way; a fresh look, for the future Facebook generation. Fish Smarty was build as simple and intuitive as possible. The layout was adapted for the children, animated and full of colors. Everything was thought into the last details, so that it would not be boring. It is what an adult is searching: simplicity and a safe environment for children. This is very important for parents and educators; this is why Fish Smarty has no commercials, banners, hidden links or any other forms of publicity – a completely controlled playground for children. It is a pure form of modern fun for kids.

Another big advantage that Fish Smarty offers to parents and educators is the evaluation system of results that encourages children to learn. We did not like children to be punished just because they do not understand one exercise and have made mistakes. Fish Smarty is evaluating the scores obtained in each game on three axes: Good, Better and Fantastic. Optimism and encouragement are key elements for a harmonious development of children.





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