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The 2011 Horizon Report on education identified Learning Analytics as an emerging technology which will disrupt education. It describes learning analytics as “the interpretation of a wide range of data produced by and gathered on behalf of students in order to assess academic progress, predict future performance, and spot potential issues.” Though a number of companies are beginning to offer partial solutions, they are taking the wrong approach: expensive, complicated, full-curricula platforms requiring evermore specialized testing and often alienating the teachers with additional workload. At Socos we are developing our Cognitive Analytics platform to directly address these problems. Our technology is a light-weight, platform-independent system for modeling student understanding directly from the work they already produce (e.g homework, discussion boards, comments, existing tests/assessments). Cognitive Analytics provides insights directly back to teachers, students, parents and policy-makers with an integrated dashboard and can be used turn any existing curriculum into an adaptive learning system. The 2011 Horizon Report projects learning analytics will disrupt education in 4-5 years, but Socos is positioned to begin this disruption now.





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