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Stick Pick is an iPhone and iPad (iOS) app developed for teachers to design and create individualized learning for their students. Teachers name an on-screen soup can (class) and then fills it with popsicle sticks (students). During setup, teachers choose a category of question stems they wish to target for each learner: either “higher order thinking” (based on Bloom’s Taxonomy) or “English as a Second Language” skills. Teachers can then set the degree of difficulty for each learner. Once a class is set up, teachers can randomly (or intentionally) draw a student’s stick from the soup can with either a “swipe,” “tap,” or a “shake.” Subsequently, a customized set of appropriate question stems appears on the screen. Teachers can then scroll through these question stems until they find one they would like to form into a complete question. After a student answers a question, teachers can either mark the student’s stick as “used” (which sends it to a used soup can) or reset the stick (which places it back in the new can).

The app goes one step further by giving teachers a third option: to assess each student’s response. This is accomplished by touching the “assess” icon (in the form of a check mark) and then tappping the corresponding “correct,” “incorrect,” or “opinion” button. Teachers can then rate each student’s answer by selecting 0-5 on a Critical Thinking rubric (for the higher order thinking question stems) or an Elaboration rubric (for the English as a Second Language question stems). Student data is automatically saved within the app and can be conveniently e-mailed to the student’s parents or the principal by pressing “Send.”


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