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SyMynd is a revolutionary educational platform to enable any professor, any university, and any student in the world to share course materials and create online courses. SyMynd can be used by universities and professors for on campus courses; and if they want, with one click, they make the course available to the entire world for free or for a fee. Built on social interaction concepts, SyMynd enables students and professors to interact with each other all over the world. In some ways, SyMynd can revolutionize education in a similar way Facebook changed social interactions.
SyMynd is also reinventing textbooks by integrating multimedia and social media within textbooks. Working with publishers, we are developing a new approach called “Living Books”, where authors can add multimedia contents on each page of textbooks, and a reader can talk and discuss with any other reader anywhere in the world. The capability of integrating textbooks with courses is very unique and beneficial to students, professors, textbook authors and publishers.



SyMynd: Revolutionizing education from SyMynd Inc on Vimeo.