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EditThe Business Test (CBL Exam)

The Business Test provides online CBL practice and testing for candidates. CBL, the standardized business skills test for the corporate world, is a skills exam for undergraduates and business persons, testing Accounting, Finance, Marketing, MS Office, and writing. CBL Exam scores are valuable in distinguishing characteristic on resumes. The CBL Exam has been developed in conjunction with top business scholars around the world and input from business advisors from a variety of firms, large and small. The competencies covered on the exam are typical subject matter for introductory business courses that undergraduate business students complete. The exam curriculum committee consists of top professors from Wharton (the University of Pennsylvania), University of Chicago and University of Florida, with specific curriculum aimed at practical business knowledge. CBL is also partnering with McCann Associates, a top testing consultancy, to administer and certify the exam’s validity and to filter out any biases.






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