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We provide potential enrollees with a free personality test to determine the fields of study best suited for them, then combine the results with other criteria (e.g., location, full or part time, online or classroom), then match the student to between 3 and 5 schools from our proprietary database. We also examine each school and award those providing a good education at reasonable cost with a Best Value School trophy. This helps good but little known colleges gain visibility and increase enrollment. Our target markets are the 8000 unranked colleges and the 20 million students who are either thinking about enrolling or, if already enrolled, the 10 million considering switching majors or the 3.3 million thinking about changing schools. This strategy was the result of the founders’ experience as college executives (president, CEO) and as entrepreneurs. Our revenue model consists of fees paid by colleges for enrollments and, if they are designated a Best Value School, an annual license fee to use the award symbol in their marketing efforts. All services for students are free of charge.





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