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Unstuck, for the iPad, helps you work through challenging situations by guiding you through steps and questions that will eventually help launch action.Unstuck will walk you through a few questions and at the end provide a resolution coupled with ideas and useful tools to help find a solution. The app itself is very user-friendly by combining simple workflows and visually stunning infographics illustrations that are easy to read and follow. The app doesn’t provide repetitive answers to challenging moments; rather, it learns and augments answers because a user’s experiences and needs in real life also change each time. By trying to mimic real-life situations the app becomes re-usable over and over again, while remaining very useful.

First, the app helps you diagnose what’s really going on in your stuck moment. Using a game-like interface, Unstuck tried to tease out what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and what you’re actually doing from your statement. The app begins with a series of questions to figure out why
you’re stuck. Your answers then feed an algorithm, which pinpoints your stuck moment. And the Q&A focuses on how you’re feeling, thinking, and acting in a situation.


I'm stuck because...
iPad screenshot
iPad screenshot


Unstuck Demo from Unstuck on Vimeo.



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