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EditWaterford Institute Assessments of Core Skills

WACS is a web-based assessment technology to help teachers, districts, and students improve student achievement by empowering teachers with data to make instruction decisions. It saves significant teacher time over one-to-one assessment instruments, through individualized adaptive assessments that are fun and engaging for young learners. It requires minimal teacher training, and compliments grades 3-12 formative interim assessments. The immediate web-based reporting are valid and reliable data for teachers, schools, and districts. WACS has been aligned to all state standards. It includes the most important reading skills for preschool to second grade students.

WACS results are available immediately after students complete the assessment, giving educators real-time data for planning and program evaluation. Because WACS includes a deep and comprehensive items bank, it can be reliably delivered multiple times per year, making it an ideal tool for Response to Intervention (RtI) and ongoing assessment






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