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EditWord Sort (Grammaropolis)

Students “grab” a word as it flies across the screen and drag it to the correct part of speech container. Grammaropolis personifies each part of speech making learning grammar relatable and fun instead of reducing it to a tedious list of rules to memorize. Students learn about the parts of speech by “meeting” a Grammaropolis character. There are three levels of game play. In level one, students play with nouns, adjectives, and linking verbs. In level two, students play with pronouns, prepositions, and interjections. In level three, students play with adverbs, conjunctions, and action verbs. Within the game levels there are also three levels of difficulty for play. Grammar Champ has one word on the screen to sort at a time. Grammar Fiend has two words on the screen to sort at a time. Grammar master has four words on the screen at a time. The game includes in-game character review and a high-score page.


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