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24×7 Learning

24×7 Learning Private Limited is an online e-learning company delivering enterprise, academic, and language learning solutions.

8d World

8D World provides an online virtual world for global English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) learners to learn and improve spoken English in a motivating and contextually relevant “language environment”.

Adaptive Curriculum

Adaptive Curriculum provides online adaptive math and science curriculum for schools to help students excel.

Asperger Connection School

With a school in North Carolina and an on-line curriculum for virtual learning, we provide the High Functioning Autistic and/or Asperger students with an exciting education. Students arrive as “underachievers”, “behavior problems” or just “lost” and find instead a nurturing environment. The teachers have personal experience with HFA and/or Asperger, including the Founder.
Students learn in their own style and at their own pace. Their interests are explored and expanded.
The mission is to encourage students to reach their unique and full potential.
We are looking for partners to expand capacity.

Auto Draft

Smarty Ears provides language and speech apps for kids with special needs.


Babbel employs state-of-the-art technology to make learning a language easy and convenient: Language Learning Made Simple.


A real-time voice translation program – speak with the universe! Breaking down language barriers so you can speak with the universe.

Baby World Language

Baby World Language provides innovative early childhood language learning systems to help parents teach language to their kids between 0-3 years old.


BaiBoard enables educators and students to collaborate via shared whiteboard, document annotation and voice conferencing.

Bilingual Kids

Bilingual Kids is an English and German language app for kids.


BrainPOP provides supplemental and curriculum, quizzes, and content learning for inside and outside the classroom.


Free homework help and affordable test prep.


The easiest way to practice English with a native speaker.


The new degree for the new world.


Revolutionizing the Way We Teach and Learn

Education 2020

e2020 is a leading provider of core and elective instruction in virtual and blended learning environments for students in grades 6-12. One of the first to support the innovative learning models that facilitate individualized learning for students, e2020 has become one of the largest providers of content in support of online, hybrid, and blended learning models, which allow teachers to facilitate learning for all students.


Finally. A better way to use the web for teaching English.

Enspire Learning

Enspire Learning’s creates exceptional educational experiences for learners around the world by inspiring and motivating learners to retain, internalize, and apply knowledge more effectively.

Gabble On is a language reclamation website where we believe that anyone with a few minutes to spare each day can use reading to get back, maintain and continue to learn a second language.


GabbleOn is an online translator and community.

Genii (vocab)

An online game that helps you build English vocabulary. Give us 90 seconds, and we’ll teach you new words!


Gnowledge is a free-to-use education platform where everyone can create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments.

Gwijo (PinchSwipeTap)

Interactive language learning for mobile devices.

Hazel Media

Vernacular Language Mobile Applications for Masses


Aggregation platform for the education space (Kayak for class/activity search).

Know-It-All LLC

Know-It-All employs novel science-based design to skip past unnecessary conscious effortful recall exercise and instead exercise and develop automaticity in a fast, fun, and engaging way.


Languagenut makes teaching and learning languages fun and easy. Teachers track progress saving hours of pain.

Learn Out Live

Learn Out Live provides private language courses and coaching for individuals. Instead of offering fixed solutions we create lesson plans and schedules anew each time.

Learning Pool

Learning Pool is an online learning community dedicated exclusively to the UK public sector.

Lingt Classroom

Webtools for language: technology for where languages are learned est – the classroom.™ personal assistant, currently available as a Google Chrome Extension, is a free tool that seamlessly integrates language learning with online daily activities, empowering users to improve their language skills.

Little Pim

Foreign language learning for young children.

Loecsen (

Learn to speak a new language with provided phrase translations and webcam lessons.

Mad Genius Games

Mad Genius Games is an interactive media and game development company currently focused on mobile platform releases ( iPhone, iPad, Android ).

MIS Technologist Corporation

UN Citizen Ambassdor Video 2011


Nanoogo is a creative learning platform for young students and their teachers, on which they can share their so unique talents, and learn while having fun!

NextGuru is a free online platform to connect students to private tutors, music teachers & coaches instantly. Private instructors (all subject areas and experience levels) maintain a personalized online teaching profile to market themselves to students. Parents and students search, review and select teachers based on location, subject expertise, credentials, availability, rate and more.

OpenSchool ePortfolio

OpenSchool ePortfolio is an authentic and holistic assessment tool for project-based and lifelong learning.

Parrot Learning

Do you want to learn Mandarin or another foreign language but don’t have the time to take a class or don’t want to sit a computer? With the Parrot Learning Speech Pen and companion phrasebooks, you can learn to speak and listen to a foreign language by pointing the Speech Pen at over 12,000 words and phrases in our companion books and it will accurately speak it in Mandarin including the proper pronunciation and tone. You can learn at your own speed at any time and any place. It’s like having your own tutor 24/7! The world language learning market is over $43 Billion, and until recently, learning Mandarin lagged but now presents a great market opportunity. Parrot Learning is poised to take advantage of this and then expand to other languages.


Pencilbot is a language app developer for iOS.


Textbooks / ebooks


Learn to speak a foreign language in a conversational language community.


A unique ‘pen pal’ tool that’s safe, easy to use, and free, connecting junior and senior high schools worldwide.

Pora Ora (Caped Koala)

Online educational 3D games for children.

Quality Time Lab

Quality Time Lab creates edtech for the touch-screen generation.

Quest Visual (Word Lens)

Instantaneous video translation without a required internet connection.


The est way to study languages, vocabulary, or almost anything – it’s free, fun, and you can share with friends.


We speak student: homework help, teacher resources, test prep.


Sifteo is a producer of games and ‘intelligent play’ devices.


Everyone has a skill to share: The easy way to share your skills and learn new ones, at a price negotiated by you.


SmarTots utilizes devices like the iPhone and iPad to provide revolutionary learning tools.

Student of Fortune

Smart homework help – your source for easy online homework help.


Studyladder is an online english literacy & mathematics worksite.


Customized language and culture learning for travelers: Easily speak like a native. When in Rome, talk like the Romans do.


Instant live language exchange.


Tutfly is collaborative tutoring with a notes exchange (think Conceptboard for Google+ Hangouts meets Notehall).


Personalized learning, question asking, and paid tutoring services.

Urban Planet Mobile

Urban Planet Mobile develops and distributes educational programs for mobile devices.


Changing the way you learn languages.


Touch screen learning for babies, toddlers, and young kids.


VoiceClub transforms the tablets/smartphones of developing markets (BRIC) into Mobile Simulator Trainers for learning English.
It enables language students to improve their Listening and Speaking skills via Mobile devices while native speaking Teachers and Entertainers are able to convert Video clips from their favorite TV Shows and Movies on YouTube into educational materials (with promotional and commercial benefits).
It also connects students with Language Institutes, Private Teachers and other learners by way of Localization (GPS) technology, Facebook and Twitter sharing and a Social game.

Webrich Software

Webrich Software and Eknath Kadam are developers of multiple iOS educational apps.