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Core Focuses » Information/Counseling


WallWatch is a facebook group that attempts to help identify potential student threats through peer monitoring and tagging.


abeo is a mashup of facebook, eHarmony and Zynga empowering people and organizations to reach their full potential

Admissions Lab

Enrollment Management Solutions to ‘make your class’.

Apex Learning

Learning has never been so relevant. Apex Learning digital curriculum prepares students for college, work, life.


Managing college has never been this easy.

Auto Draft

Plan for college and your career.


Avid, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is an elementary through postsecondary college readiness system that is designed to increase schoolwide learning and performance.


Blackboard provides multiple technology solutions for education institutions.


Bookend is an early notification system for schools that helps students stay ahead in class. Designed to keep parents and teachers in the loop.

Career Step

We diligently provide innovative, accessible, and quality education through ethical and exemplary business practices, which serves to promote the success and satisfaction of our constituents, including: students, shareholders, partners, and employees.


Navigate your future.


An app store for school, and the platform to allow those apps to work.


Depression in teenagers, social skills activities, and self confidence building tips for children, teens, and parents in NYC. To not only stop the bullying, harassment, and intimidation going on in your child’s life, but to make 100% sure that it never happens again


The iPod changed how we listen to music. ClassCloud changes how we learn.


ClassDojo is a feedback platform used by millions of teachers, parents and students to develop positive behavior.

Cloud Sherpas

Cloud Sherpas is a Google App cloud service provider, organizer, and monitoring program.


Clouenvision Collorate!s all your resources to manage the expectations of Board, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Administration to improve staff productivity with least total cost of ownership


CodeLesson is Online Technology Learning for Professionals.


Education and career management. Providing the pathways to prosperity.


Kayak for continuing professional education

Drive of Your Life

Test drive careers for the one and only you!


Creating awareness, networking, and collaboration among stakeholders in school education: Accompany your child to success.

EduAlert is a communication software intended to provide updated information about all happenings in the institution through SMS, Twoway SMS, Voice SMS and Email alerts.

School sms alerts, college sms alerts, school email alerts, college email alerts, One stop communication software intergrated with SMS, EMAIL, Voice sms and two way sms.


An award-winning nonprofit that specializes in equipping schools, colleges and other orgs with research and tools to help students, parents and staff take measurable steps to success.


Eduvant provides a disruptively inexpensive and powerful way for school systems to create value and innovate with data they’re already collecting.


Teaching kids to do school.


The corporate classroom online.

We are filling the professional education gap between university and corporates, especially professional services firms.


Learning is personal: Goalbook helps teams of educators, students, and parents collaborate around personal learning plans.


Involved parents. Successful kids.

GuidEd Fusion Inc.

Our product provides logistical support to collaborate as a team and allows teachers to have their highest impact on student achievement.


we set out to harness the world’s most popular social network to improve higher education.


Linkedin For High School Kids. Online Resume/Profile Builder for jobs, internships and college applications.


The collaboration network for academia: organize courses, research groups, and conferences – for free.


Jotterz is a platform that combines school work, resources, and outside information into one to ease learning and grading. ‘Notebooks in the Cloud.’

K12 Complete

To provide schools with the best and most innovative e-Commerce solution.

KidGrid Project

An iPhone/iPod Touch app to support teachers’ assessment of students and instructional decision-making.

Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.

We own a network of websites, including and


LearnBoost offers online gradebooks and other management tools for educators that integrate with Google Apps, calendars, and document sharing.

Learner First

We transforms how schools use data to make informed instructional decisions.


LinkIt! is a complete solution for data-driven decision making and intervention.

LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative)

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is working to make it easier to publish and discover quality educational content and products online.

MIS Technologist Corporation

UN Citizen Ambassdor Video 2011

My School Binder

Instructional Management System


Privatized Social Networking (Face Booking) for Parents only.

NextGuru is a free online platform to connect students to private tutors, music teachers & coaches instantly. Private instructors (all subject areas and experience levels) maintain a personalized online teaching profile to market themselves to students. Parents and students search, review and select teachers based on location, subject expertise, credentials, availability, rate and more.


Discover a learning environment that goes beyond the learning management system. Open to everyone. Easy to use. Completely free. Integrated with Google Apps for Education


Doing good things for education is good business.

Owen Software

Software-based, engineering focused career & education guidance

Persistence Plus

Persistence Plus engages and motivates students to college success through a mobile platform that uses transformative behavioral interventions.

Pixel Academy

The Pixel Academy is a team of educators specializing in teaching youth advanced digital technologies including video game design, 3D printing, electronics, digital music, and film. They currently offer after-school programming, in-school electives, and special events in both private and public schools as well as in participating libraries and museums.


PossibilityU helps democratize college admission by connecting students, families and schools with an expert designed blended learning curriculum and data-driven tools.

Qeyno Labs

Khan Academy meets LinkedIN for Students (13-17) – Gamified Career Discovery for Kids.


A free, safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.


Sclipo is a worldwide platform of online campuses.


Your academic career, redefined. Work harder, work smarter, and get good grades.


Tools and advice to help students and parents plan better for college, pay less while in college, and pay back smarter after graduation.


Everyone has a skill to share: The easy way to share your skills and learn new ones, at a price negotiated by you.

The Princeton Review

All students deserve the opportunity to go to college. That’s why we work with schools and districts to provide College Readiness Programs that prepare students with the specialized skills, support, and resources they need to succeed.

Top Test Prep

Customized test prep and private tutoring solutions to get students into the best schools.

University Research & Review LLC

We provide prospective enrollees with guidance in selecting a major and a school while helping unranked schools attract students.


Connecting parents, simplifying lives – UpToUs lets parents, teachers, and coaches connect and organize their kids’ groups and activities. We help parents connect and organize their kids’ classrooms, sports teams and other trusted groups.


Weduc is the first worldwide social network dedicated to education in 360º. It is an online communication platform for monitoring and relationship, connecting all types of educational providers – parents, teachers, students, schools and other entities. The Weduc is a social network that was designed for education, where schools and teachers can share with parents and students, through messages, photos, videos, files and evaluations, what is happening throughout the school day in total privacy and security.