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Core Focuses » Student Achievement

24x7digital (LLC)

iPhone, tablet, and computer apps for early childhood education.

360 Education Services

We provide courses in high-demand 21st Century digital design skills through our customized virtual learning system, the Digital Arts and Design Academy.


9thPeriod is a new and exciting global social education network and academic platform.


abeo is a mashup of facebook, eHarmony and Zynga empowering people and organizations to reach their full potential


Academy one is leveraging the Internet to enable new forms of academic collaboration like no other company.

AcrossWorld Education

AcrossWorld has developed the first cloud-based platform to enable colleges, universities, and K-12 schools around the world to access open educational resources.


ACT is an independent, non-profit organization that provides more than a hundred assessment, research, information, and program management services in the broad areas of education and workforce development.

Admissions Lab

Enrollment Management Solutions to ‘make your class’.

American Public Education, Inc.

Advancing at a steady click: The success of our students; The value of our approach.


APTITUDE provides the power of Latin and Greek root etymology online through an English Mastery Course called Latin for the SAT (“LATSAT”). The course empowers students to decode and decipher the meaning and syntax of English vocabulary and grammar so that they have the tools necessary to embark upon their college journey.


Managing college has never been this easy.

Aterium Solutions

Distance learning solutions for K-12 education. Anywhere, Anytime Learning.

Auto Draft

Collaborize is a web-based solution designed to harness the creativity of a group and organize ideas and feedback.

Aventa Learning

Empowers today’s schools and districts to meet today’s challenges.


Blackboard provides multiple technology solutions for education institutions.

Blue Duck Education is the developer and publisher of the first curriculum-compliant maths games for 11-16 year-old students. These online Flash based web games help promote learning of UK GCSE level mathematics through fun, helping students learn while having fun. Its game based learning fuses computer games and academic subjects to provide a supplement to traditional pedagogy. [...]


Bookend is an early notification system for schools that helps students stay ahead in class. Designed to keep parents and teachers in the loop.

Brain Parade

Brain Parade builds innovative mobile and iPad technology solutions and apps to improve learning for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. It works with an advisory board consisting of behavior consultants, teachers, and parents to identify and create educational programs and products.

C8 Sciences

C8Kids is “cognition cross-training” to help learning-challenged K-3 kids catch up with their peers and join the mainstream.

Campus Splash

Answers on college and graduate school – working to democratize education.

Career Education Corporation

We are a global education company committed to quality outcomes and career opportunities for a diverse student population.


Realize what you can do: CCKF leads international education projects and companies.


An app store for school, and the platform to allow those apps to work.


The iPod changed how we listen to music. ClassCloud changes how we learn.


ClassDojo is a feedback platform used by millions of teachers, parents and students to develop positive behavior.

Cloud Sherpas

Cloud Sherpas is a Google App cloud service provider, organizer, and monitoring program.


Clouenvision Collorate!s all your resources to manage the expectations of Board, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Administration to improve staff productivity with least total cost of ownership

College Board

Inspiring Minds. College Admissions – SAT – University & College Search Tool

Common Room Networks

Common Room Networks is an educational software development company whose focus is building collaborative learning spaces for K-12 academic institutions. Our core product “The Commons” provides an effective, engaging and efficient online learning platform in which schools and districts can create personalized networks which are both private and secure.

Compass Learning

Engage, think & learn.

Connections Academy

The Connections Academy program is a rapidly growing form of free public school that students in grades K–12 attend outside the walls of a traditional classroom.

Course Canary

We create formative course evaluation tools to allow instructors to get regular student feedback to improve their courses.


We’re reshaping education for the internet age.


The new degree for the new world.

Demibooks Composer

Demibooks Composer is an iPad-based authoring software for creating interactive books.


Interactive education. For every platform. For everyone.


Revolutionizing the Way We Teach and Learn


better coaching for teachers using technology


Creating awareness, networking, and collaboration among stakeholders in school education: Accompany your child to success.

Educational App Store

Our mission is simple: to identify the best educational apps that fit the curriculum and enhance learning outcomes.


An award-winning nonprofit that specializes in equipping schools, colleges and other orgs with research and tools to help students, parents and staff take measurable steps to success.


Eduvant provides a disruptively inexpensive and powerful way for school systems to create value and innovate with data they’re already collecting.


eFaqt is a tool to study textbooks.


Teaching kids to do school.


Translates research on college and career readiness into tools and systems that help all students become ready to succeed in postsecondary education.

ESM-SLS (Student Lifecycle Solutions)

Enroll, graduate, and place more students with ESM.

Fact Monster

An online, interactive, searchable, and game-based reference and fact site for K-12 students.


FlashNotes is the online marketplace where college students buy and sell notes and study materials of all kinds. That includes lecture notes, book notes, study guides, custom FlashCards, and book summaries.


FreezeCrowd is an interactive social experience network for college students and alumni. It aims to connect current students with alumni through social networking to increase communications and chances of connections and job opportunities. It is currently in Beta form.

Game Classroom

Game Classroom gathers information on and games from the internet to provide students, parents, and teachers with interactive homework help on the internet.


The corporate classroom online.

We are filling the professional education gap between university and corporates, especially professional services firms.


Gnowledge is a free-to-use education platform where everyone can create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments.


Learning is personal: Goalbook helps teams of educators, students, and parents collaborate around personal learning plans.


By combining collaboration tools & intelligent messaging, GoingOn provides a private academic social network, where students & faculty can connect, collaborate & learn.


A portfolio platform that helps science & technology students showcase technical projects, while getting matched to colleges and internships

GuidEd Fusion Inc.

Our product provides logistical support to collaborate as a team and allows teachers to have their highest impact on student achievement.

i3 Smart Class

Imagine. Inquire. Innovate.

IntelliSeeds Learning

We provide academic enrichment in Math, Reading and Language Development, analytical and reasoning skills. The program runs online, in learning centers & as a gifted program in schools


Find your match: InternMatch is an online ecosystem that helps students and employers find jobs and paid or unpaid internships.


The collaboration network for academia: organize courses, research groups, and conferences – for free.


Jotterz is a platform that combines school work, resources, and outside information into one to ease learning and grading. ‘Notebooks in the Cloud.’

Journey Education Marketing

Digital River Education Services, Inc. (“JourneyEd”) based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading multi-channel software marketer to the K-12 and post-secondary academic markets, which include students, faculty, staff, educational institutions and public school districts.


Jump into the ultimate adventure: virtual world games for kids, in an online 3D virtual world.


To provide any child access to exceptional curriculum and tools that enable him or her to maximize his or her success in life, regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance.

Kaplan Virtual Education

Kaplan Virtual Education provides online curriculum development and online learning for grades 6-12 through partnerships with schools and districts, but also provides to and works with schools directly serving middle and high school students. The flexible, individualized and high-quality curriculum and instruction is used to promote student success by focusing its resources on providing “dynamic, [...]

KC Distance Learning

Online schools partnered with local schools.

Keystone National Highschool

Dream. Connect. Achieve

KidGrid Project

An iPhone/iPod Touch app to support teachers’ assessment of students and instructional decision-making.

Kodiak Software

Kodiak is an automatic gradebook and recommendation system for educational apps.


Kuder, Inc. is the leading provider of Internet-based tools and resources that help students and adults achieve their educational and career planning goals.


Languagenut makes teaching and learning languages fun and easy. Teachers track progress saving hours of pain.


LearnBoost offers online gradebooks and other management tools for educators that integrate with Google Apps, calendars, and document sharing.

Learner First

We transforms how schools use data to make informed instructional decisions.

Learning Pool

Learning Pool is an online learning community dedicated exclusively to the UK public sector.


LinkIt! is a complete solution for data-driven decision making and intervention.


Litmos is a new LMS, built from the ground up that’s fresh and simple to use but still delivers where you need it the most.

LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative)

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is working to make it easier to publish and discover quality educational content and products online.


Your kid’s book library.


Making Achievement Possible


Metryx is a mobile formative assessment solution with multiple ways to collect & analyze data, group students & differentiate instruction.

MIS Technologist Corporation

UN Citizen Ambassdor Video 2011

Moms with Apps

Moms With Apps is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

My First Yoga

My First Yoga develops wellness focused technology products for toddlers and preschoolers that are both “fun” and “good for you.”

My School Binder

Instructional Management System


Privatized Social Networking (Face Booking) for Parents only.

mySpark Technologies

mySpark Technologies creates touch scree tablets and software for individuals and schools


Know and engage your students.


Nanoogo is a creative learning platform for young students and their teachers, on which they can share their so unique talents, and learn while having fun!


The leading provider of k-12 solutions that inspire students to achieve pos-secondary success.


College study guides and notes.

Online College

Online College is your one-stop source for going back to school.

Open Assembly

Open Assembly is an education technology company improving the affordability of higher education by giving educators greater freedom of choice and flexibility in delivering learning materials to their students.


Discover a learning environment that goes beyond the learning management system. Open to everyone. Easy to use. Completely free. Integrated with Google Apps for Education

OpenSchool ePortfolio

OpenSchool ePortfolio is an authentic and holistic assessment tool for project-based and lifelong learning.


Make the world your study group. Get live help from other students. Be a hero to your peers.

Orchard Learning (Siboney Learning Group)

A complete Pre-K – 12 curriculum solution, focusing on the success of children and adult learners, and committed to playing a leading role in their education by providing high-quality software at an affordable price.


Doing good things for education is good business.


We convert teachers’ lesson plans into custom apps and other products. Apps are based on our scalable Knowledge Attraction technology.


Always Learning. Personalizing learning to improve results.

Persistence Plus

Persistence Plus engages and motivates students to college success through a mobile platform that uses transformative behavioral interventions.

Pixel Academy

The Pixel Academy is a team of educators specializing in teaching youth advanced digital technologies including video game design, 3D printing, electronics, digital music, and film. They currently offer after-school programming, in-school electives, and special events in both private and public schools as well as in participating libraries and museums.

PLATO Learning

Online Learning Solution, Online Learning Management System

Pora Ora (Caped Koala)

Online educational 3D games for children.

Project-based Learning Systems

Products that make authentic personalized learning achievable at scale in well-funded markets via a scalable, SaaS model proven w/ 4+ yrs of recurring high margin revenue.

Technology enabled educational services company providing online counseling and tutoring to K-12 schools.

Qeyno Labs

Khan Academy meets LinkedIN for Students (13-17) – Gamified Career Discovery for Kids.

Quality Time Lab

Quality Time Lab creates edtech for the touch-screen generation.

Questar Assessment

Questar provides K–12 assessment solutions that deliver the accurate information necessary to help students achieve their potential.


Rayku is a new peer micro-tutoring startup by University of Toronto students – an p2p tutoring website for help on the fly.


ReadNRhyme is positioned to be a leading creator of parent productivity and educational tools that promote children’s healthy development and learning.


A free, safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.

Rocketship Education

We strive to eliminate the achievement gap in our lifetimes, so that no student’s life is subject to the “destiny of demographics”.


Sclipo is a worldwide platform of online campuses.

Scribble Press

Scribble Press is a multi-channel publishing platform for kids, operating in the mobile (iPad) channel and retail (NY and LA) locations.


Student Employment Platform – aims to connect employers, to encourage employment as well as employer and student knowledge of the workplace and resources/individuals available.


Your academic career, redefined. Work harder, work smarter, and get good grades.

Spongelab Interactive

A global science community, Spongelab advances technology for teaching and learning purposes.

Stick Pick

Stick Pick is the first app of its kind to allow teachers to tie leveled question stems to the cognitive or linguistic needs of each individual learner.

Student of Fortune

Smart homework help – your source for easy online homework help.

Teachers With Apps

Teachers with Apps is an online resource that reviews and rates educational apps.

Educational video platform watched in 20+ countries.

Teen Business Forum

Where teens discuss entrepreneurship.


Find your textbooks by course – the cheapest new, used, and rental options for your textbooks.

The Learning Internet

The Learning Internet provides online, web-enhanced learning and teaching solutions in math, languages, social studies, and science to help improve student learning through supplemental curricula and assessments.

The Princeton Review

All students deserve the opportunity to go to college. That’s why we work with schools and districts to provide College Readiness Programs that prepare students with the specialized skills, support, and resources they need to succeed.

thinʞnao (thinknao) education


Top Test Prep

Customized test prep and private tutoring solutions to get students into the best schools.


Tutfly is collaborative tutoring with a notes exchange (think Conceptboard for Google+ Hangouts meets Notehall).


Connecting parents, simplifying lives – UpToUs lets parents, teachers, and coaches connect and organize their kids’ groups and activities. We help parents connect and organize their kids’ classrooms, sports teams and other trusted groups.

Video Class

We are an education based website that covers every taught subject area in the United States. Our highly informative lessons, grouped with engaging exercises, and supplementary materials ensure that the most thorough and accurate information is being conveyed. Not only do we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of the website, we also allow our community [...]

Wishbone strives to bring opportunity to “at risk” high school students through direct sponsorship of after school and summer programs via online donors.


A third of our kids have handwriting difficulties. Today, learning handwriting is boring and tedious process. WriteRight develops tablet applications based on state-of-the-art technology, that through gamification transforms the process to be fun and effective.


We capture the experience you had with that one exceptional teacher from high school or college online so students worldwide can have that life-changing experience. Online learning from Z to A.