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24×7 Learning

24×7 Learning Private Limited is an online e-learning company delivering enterprise, academic, and language learning solutions.

24x7digital (LLC)

iPhone, tablet, and computer apps for early childhood education.

360 Education Services

We provide courses in high-demand 21st Century digital design skills through our customized virtual learning system, the Digital Arts and Design Academy.

360 Job Interview

Career Development


Presentations AMPLIFIED! 9Slides is a next generation online media platform which lets you use existing presentation content to recreate experience of watching presentation live over internet.


9thPeriod is a new and exciting global social education network and academic platform.

Aaron Bridges

Aaron Lee

Abdul Kasim


abeo is a mashup of facebook, eHarmony and Zynga empowering people and organizations to reach their full potential

Academia allows academics to follow research and other work by top professionals in the field.


Get Into Your Dream School With Acceptly.

Take the guesswork out of getting into college. Increase your chances of getting accepted with the only tool that gives you instant feedback on what to focus on and when to do it.

AcrossWorld Education

AcrossWorld has developed the first cloud-based platform to enable colleges, universities, and K-12 schools around the world to access open educational resources.


ACT is an independent, non-profit organization that provides more than a hundred assessment, research, information, and program management services in the broad areas of education and workforce development.

Adaptive Curriculum

Adaptive Curriculum provides online adaptive math and science curriculum for schools to help students excel.

Advanced Brain Technologies

Our vision is to transform the life of every person by making sound brain fitness universally attainable.

Advanced Workstations in Education

AWE is a digital learning solution for classrooms, labs, after school programs, school libraries, and media centers.

Advisory Market Place

“We will make easier how people solve questions, get advices, and get accurate information.”

Alexandre Scialom


Alphastudy, a training & learning management system, aims to be the easiest way to conduct online training & elearning. No install, no contracts.

Amanda Moritz

Social Marketing Manager at Brainscape. Formerly a cognitive sciences researcher with MIT’s Neuroscience department.

American Public Education, Inc.

Advancing at a steady click: The success of our students; The value of our approach.

American Sentinel University

Offers online associate, bachelors, and master’s degrees.


Green Kids Media Game is a suite of interactive educational product for K-12, their families and schools using computer games, social media and the Global Internet on four continents in a new educational business model.

Amit Maimon

Andrew Cohen

Founder & CEO of Brainscape. Former eLearning consultant; Fulbright fellow at World Bank; MA Education Technology at Columbia University. Created Brainscape v0.1 as a personal project in an Excel macro, before deciding to build the team and pursue the project full time in 2009.

Andrew Gioia

Andy Hlavka

Andy Lutz

Director of Marketing for Brainscape. Former VP of Product at the Princeton Review, managing web & live courses earning > $100m in revenues per year.

AP Exam Review

AP Exam Review is an online History AP exam review, learning, and quizzing interface.

Apangea Learning

Online math supplemental tutoring solutions for middle and high school students, that integrates live tutoring with programmatic tutoring.

Apex Learning

Learning has never been so relevant. Apex Learning digital curriculum prepares students for college, work, life.

Apply in the Sky

Whether you’re applying to 1 school or 10, our tools help streamline the process!


Applyful is a research management platform for college applicants that facilitates collaborative college selection.

Find a mentor, go to college.

Aprendi Learning

Online film school classes and certificates.


Apsalar is a mobile behavioral targeting & analytics platform for iOS and Android developers

Ascend Education

Target online learning and assessment for mat students.

Ashish Rangnekar


Assistly pulls all your customer service conversations into one place — where every motion counts. It is built for speed – Assistly brings all your contacts and customer service applications and usage into one pane, instead of users having multiple windows or programs open. Assistly helps you monitor the customer experience on social networks and [...]

Aterium Solutions

Distance learning solutions for K-12 education. Anywhere, Anytime Learning.

Atheneum Learning

Atheneum Learning leads the way in delivering best-in-class, evidence-based behavioral health eLearning courses

Auto Draft

WiseChoice is an online, comprehensive one-stop-shop for counselors, students and families seeking assistance with college planning, career exploration and financial aid/scholarships.

Auto Draft

Plan for college and your career.

Auto Draft

Collaborize is a web-based solution designed to harness the creativity of a group and organize ideas and feedback.


No need to schedule groups of employees for courses, no travel costs. Keep your staff on the job and free up your trainers for more meaningful on the job training – Avanti is an e-training system to deliver trainings anytime anywhere.

Aventa Learning

Empowers today’s schools and districts to meet today’s challenges.


Powering the world’s creativity, Aviary makes easy to use photo editing API for web and mobile apps.


Avid, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is an elementary through postsecondary college readiness system that is designed to increase schoolwide learning and performance.

Axilogix Education

Education software solutions, internet based, tablet oriented, and student tracking systems

Baby World Language

Baby World Language provides innovative early childhood language learning systems to help parents teach language to their kids between 0-3 years old.


BaiBoard enables educators and students to collaborate via shared whiteboard, document annotation and voice conferencing.


Baydin makes email more fulfilling.

Beat the GMAT

The MBA social network – your GMAT prep and MBA admissions community.

Benchmark Prep

Online Test Prep Company


BenchPrep (formerly Watermelon Express) is the world’s first content delivery and cross platform study application that allows students to buy educational and test prep content from leading publishers from one central hub. BenchPrep apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Web, and allow users to seamlessly study across all devices.

BenchPrep is backed by Lightbank, a venture fund started by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. The company was voted “most innovative and best-in-class test prep and assessment platform” at the 2010 Education Innovation Summit and won the 2010 New Venture Challenge competition at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Since 2009, more than 150,000 students across 20 countries have used BenchPrep products.


BenchPrep creates interactive and social learning courses for web and mobile from flat educational content.

BenchPrep (Watermelon Express)

Test prep solutions that work on the web, mobile, and tablet.

Benjamin Berte


Get better at your career, hobbies, and school subjects in one place. An interest network to help you get better at everything


Better yourself and others in 1000+ ways. Find the right people to help you learn ___________ or anything else.


BetterLesson connects educators and helps them share lessons, best practices, and ideas. We’ve built a social curriculum-sharing platform that captures and scales the highest-quality teacher-generated content.


BetterLesson is a free social web platform that allows teachers to find and share the highest quality instructional content and practices.


Learn math online.

Big Universe Learning, Inc.

We inspire K-8 students to read, write and learn through engaging online books, a fun writing tool and a safe bookshelf sharing network.


Binksty gathers all of your student loans online, analyzes your debt, provides recommends, lets you set reminders and helps you realize your financial goals while saving you time and money.


Blackboard provides multiple technology solutions for education institutions.

Blue Duck Education is the developer and publisher of the first curriculum-compliant maths games for 11-16 year-old students. These online Flash based web games help promote learning of UK GCSE level mathematics through fun, helping students learn while having fun. Its game based learning fuses computer games and academic subjects to provide a supplement to traditional pedagogy. [...]


Bookend is an early notification system for schools that helps students stay ahead in class. Designed to keep parents and teachers in the loop.


BrainCogs is an online search and information resource for research, strategies, and tools to help people learn.


Braingenie is a powerful, comprehensive tool for learning and teaching K-12 math and science.


BrainNook is a new online game that helps kids develop Math and English skills while exploring the Earth and playing safely with others. P


BrainPOP provides supplemental and curriculum, quizzes, and content learning for inside and outside the classroom.


Brainscape is a web and mobile platform that helps you study things more efficiently, using an adaptive flashcard repetition algorithm.

Brazen Careerist

Where ambitious young professionals connect and grow.

Bridgespan Financial

Education Financing


Bundlr is a social network for content, that lets you easily select the best content on the web into public theme pages.


Free online language learning community.

C8 Sciences

C8Kids is “cognition cross-training” to help learning-challenged K-3 kids catch up with their peers and join the mainstream.

Career Step

We diligently provide innovative, accessible, and quality education through ethical and exemplary business practices, which serves to promote the success and satisfaction of our constituents, including: students, shareholders, partners, and employees.


Navigate your future.

Carnegie Speech

Carnegie Speech Company is the premier developer of software for assessing and teaching spoken language skills


Carrotsticks aims to make learning a more exciting and interactive experience for children.


Realize what you can do: CCKF leads international education projects and companies.

Cengage Brain

Textbooks / ebooks

Cengage Learning

Learning solutions, trainings, and educational publishing.


Infrastructure / Service Provider


An app store for school, and the platform to allow those apps to work.


Depression in teenagers, social skills activities, and self confidence building tips for children, teens, and parents in NYC. To not only stop the bullying, harassment, and intimidation going on in your child’s life, but to make 100% sure that it never happens again


Online textbook rentals: rent or buy textbooks online.

Cherstin Harris

Cheryl Johnson


Chinese stories kids can read and listen to as they grow.

Chris and Samir’s Online Education Plan

Tool / Web App

Christy Campbell

Chromatik Music

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


The iPod changed how we listen to music. ClassCloud changes how we learn.


ClassConnect is a document sharing web based application for educators.


Find the est online degrees and programs for you.


A learning management system that allows professors to assess student understanding in real time.


Our marketplace helps teachers build classroom libraries that support literacy programs and reading strategies to develop strong readers


Clouenvision Collorate!s all your resources to manage the expectations of Board, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Administration to improve staff productivity with least total cost of ownership


CodeLesson is Online Technology Learning for Professionals.




The easiest way to practice English with a native speaker.

College Week Live

College Application Made Easy at the world’s largest college fair.


College campus social media

Common Curriculum

Web based publishing platform for K-12. We make creating, collaborating, and selling curriculum easy.

Common Room Networks

Common Room Networks is an educational software development company whose focus is building collaborative learning spaces for K-12 academic institutions. Our core product “The Commons” provides an effective, engaging and efficient online learning platform in which schools and districts can create personalized networks which are both private and secure.

Connected Information Systems

Instructional Management System


Education and career management. Providing the pathways to prosperity.

Connections Academy

The Connections Academy program is a rapidly growing form of free public school that students in grades K–12 attend outside the walls of a traditional classroom.


Contently is an online content and profile manager for journalists, writers, publishers, and professionals.


Kayak for continuing professional education

Course Canary

We create formative course evaluation tools to allow instructors to get regular student feedback to improve their courses.

Course Hero


Makes it easy to find, compare and enroll in all types of high-quality, local learning experiences.


We’re reshaping education for the internet age.


Online Studying / Notesharing / Homework Help

Critical Links

Critical Links helps small and medium K-12 schools move to School 2.0 faster, without the complexity and the costs. Critical Links provides a plug-and-play School 2.0 solution that combines all the technology required to run a 21st century school.The total addressable market for the Education Appliance™ is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion a year.
The Education Appliance™ has been deployed worldwide, including at over 1,200 schools in the world’s largest school modernization program in Portugal, as well as in Senegal, Ecuador, Namibia, Brazil, among many others, and has been referenced by Forrester and Gartner.
Critical Links’ vision is to establish itself as the technology foundation of the School 2.0 where educational Apps, Services, and Content, on Cloud or Premises, are plugged-in, managed, controlled, and securely provisioned to the school community. We want to build the virtual school community from the bottom up.

Cross Knowledge

Learning for a better life: distance learning and elearning.

Culture Kitchen

Culture Kitchen connects ethnic cooks with people who want to learn ethnic cooking in their homes.


Do the Things You’ve Always Wanted To: DailyPath is a community of people learning and accomplishing new things together. Pick your Path, subscribe in 10 seconds, and get a short, actionable lesson in your inbox every day for two weeks.

Dan Gillette

Data Played

Learning Games

David deForest Keys


The new degree for the new world.

Digital Directions

Core Content / Curriculum

Digital Ignite Learning

Digital Ignite provides eLearning technologies and consulting services for Credential Bodies, Associations, Non-Profits, and Global Enterprises.


In the cloud, your stuff is scattered over a lot of different services. Dispatch is a new way to manage and share your stuff, by bringing it together into one place.

DOGO Teachers

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

Dojo Learning

Online training, untangled.

Don Spear


Career Development

DreamBox Learning

Core Content / Curriculum

Drive of Your Life

Test drive careers for the one and only you!

Dynamic Education Solutions

Information technology company with game-changing solutions that address the K-12 math crisis and transform how students use and perceive math.


Revolutionizing the Way We Teach and Learn

E-Line Media

Learning Games


Textbooks / ebooks


Test Prep



Collaboaration tool empowering students to interact in real-time in the class or at home on a web browser, iPad, iPhone or SMART Board™.


Online copy editor developed to find frequent and common typing errors.




better coaching for teachers using technology

EDU 2.0

Edu2.0 is a simple, powerful, and free eLearning LMS platform.


Creating awareness, networking, and collaboration among stakeholders in school education: Accompany your child to success.

EduAlert is a communication software intended to provide updated information about all happenings in the institution through SMS, Twoway SMS, Voice SMS and Email alerts.

School sms alerts, college sms alerts, school email alerts, college email alerts, One stop communication software intergrated with SMS, EMAIL, Voice sms and two way sms.

Eduardo Briceño

Education 2020

e2020 is a leading provider of core and elective instruction in virtual and blended learning environments for students in grades 6-12. One of the first to support the innovative learning models that facilitate individualized learning for students, e2020 has become one of the largest providers of content in support of online, hybrid, and blended learning models, which allow teachers to facilitate learning for all students.

Education Funding Partners

Infrastructure / Service Provider

Education Sales Management

ESM handles inquiry calls and provides enrollment services for learning centers.

Educational Options

Connect. Grow. Succeed. Blended classrooms, dropout reduction, credit recovery, adult education, summer school, state test prep.

Educaton Connection

Connecting you to a better tomorrow – it’s your education, make an informed choice. Fill out a survey and get information on colleges that offer popular and matching programs to your interests.


Educreations is a global community of teachers and learners. Their software turns any iPad or web browser into a recordable, interactive whiteboard, making it easy for teachers and experts to create engaging video lessons and share them on the web. Students can replay these lessons any time, any place, on any connected device.

EduGain (ExamHelp)

Learn Smart – Math practice for CBSE, ICSE, and Maths Olympiad


An award-winning nonprofit that specializes in equipping schools, colleges and other orgs with research and tools to help students, parents and staff take measurable steps to success.

EduKart is a self-paced learning marketplace for affordable courses and certifications


Find and visualize your student loans. We build tools to organize your financial aid life.


A revolutionary approach that combines powerful, interactive multimedia-rich content with personal interaction with other students and your virtual mentor via a multi-interactive Video Conferencing System.


Student Assessment / Performance


Infrastructure / Service Provider


eduTecher is a free social web resource that helps teachers, students, and parents find the best web tools for use in education.

Edward Levie

Edway Online

Infrastructure / Service Provider


eFaqt is a tool to study textbooks.

Eleven Learning

Community-powered textbooks


Finally. A better way to use the web for teaching English.


Engrade connects over 2.8 million school administrators, teachers, students and parents through easy-to-use web-based classroom tools

Enspire Learning

Enspire Learning’s creates exceptional educational experiences for learners around the world by inspiring and motivating learners to retain, internalize, and apply knowledge more effectively.


Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Translates research on college and career readiness into tools and systems that help all students become ready to succeed in postsecondary education.


Leverages technology to improve your chances of getting into college.

ESM-SLS (Student Lifecycle Solutions)

Enroll, graduate, and place more students with ESM.

eSpark Learning

eSpark learning makes learning fun for elementary school students so they succeed in school and in life

eSpindle Learning aka

We provide 100% personalized vocabulary tutoring based on a database of 180,000 words. We are a nonprofit; currently spinning of a new vocabulary assessment tool as a for-profit company.


Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Creator of a multi platform note taking application for mobile devices.


Explore Learning

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

ezLearn Educacional

Online Courses

Fact Monster

An online, interactive, searchable, and game-based reference and fact site for K-12 students.

Factor Tree

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

Fairchoice Systems

Infrastructure / Service Provider


Find and select the best continuing education


Write yourself in – a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors.

Filipe Batista


Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Film Street introduces young people to the world of films and film making, highlighting film making techniques in fun an exciting ways.


Find a specialist in topics of your interest – FindProz is your talent manager to learn the skills you want to, when you want.


FlashNotes is the online marketplace where college students buy and sell notes and study materials of all kinds. That includes lecture notes, book notes, study guides, custom FlashCards, and book summaries.

Florida Virtual Schools

Core Content / Curriculum


Teacher Resources / Professional Development

Franklin Electronic Publisher

Textbooks / ebooks


FreezeCrowd is an interactive social experience network for college students and alumni. It aims to connect current students with alumni through social networking to increase communications and chances of connections and job opportunities. It is currently in Beta form.


College Prep/ Placement

Gabble On is a language reclamation website where we believe that anyone with a few minutes to spare each day can use reading to get back, maintain and continue to learn a second language.


GabbleOn is an online translator and community.

Game Classroom

Game Classroom gathers information on and games from the internet to provide students, parents, and teachers with interactive homework help on the internet.

Gary Fuhrman

Genii (vocab)

An online game that helps you build English vocabulary. Give us 90 seconds, and we’ll teach you new words!


Instructional Management System

GigaPan System

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


The corporate classroom online.

We are filling the professional education gap between university and corporates, especially professional services firms.

GLS (Games, Learning and Society)

The GLS Conference is the premier event in the field of videogames and learning.


Gnowledge is a free-to-use education platform where everyone can create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments.


Learning is personal: Goalbook helps teams of educators, students, and parents collaborate around personal learning plans.


By combining collaboration tools & intelligent messaging, GoingOn provides a private academic social network, where students & faculty can connect, collaborate & learn.


Career Development


Note Sharing Platform


A portfolio platform that helps science & technology students showcase technical projects, while getting matched to colleges and internships


Education Counseling


Involved parents. Successful kids.

GuidEd Fusion Inc.

Our product provides logistical support to collaborate as a team and allows teachers to have their highest impact on student achievement.

Gutenberg Technology

Gutenberg Technology brings high quality content, interactivity, collaborative work to multisupport publishing.

GYLO (GetYa Learn On)

GYLO increases revenue for publishers through Next Gen assessment platforms & premium products.

Haiku Learning

Instructional Management System


Aggregation platform for the education space (Kayak for class/activity search).

Hyper Island

World leading life-long learning for professionals and talents all around the world.

i3 Smart Class

Imagine. Inquire. Innovate.

Idapted Live

Language Learning


Online Courses


inClassontheNet brings an innovative approach to education by enabling students to communicate in a new way during class.

Infinity Learning Solutions

Teach, Share, Learn.
Infinity Learning Solutions is focused on building software for online delivery of learning services.


we set out to harness the world’s most popular social network to improve higher education.


Linkedin For High School Kids. Online Resume/Profile Builder for jobs, internships and college applications.


Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


What do you want to learn about? A search engine for learners.


Instinct is an interactive virtual music teacher in your browser.


Intellidemia helps institutions improve student engagement, faculty performance, and administrative efficiency through our online syllabus platform.

IntelliSeeds Learning

We provide academic enrichment in Math, Reading and Language Development, analytical and reasoning skills. The program runs online, in learning centers & as a gifted program in schools


Find your match: InternMatch is an online ecosystem that helps students and employers find jobs and paid or unpaid internships.


Infrastructure / Service Provider


College Life


Core Content / Curriculum


Connecting you to sports. E-Learn for sports.


The collaboration network for academia: organize courses, research groups, and conferences – for free.

Jason DeRoner

Jeff Novich

Jennifer Connally

Joao Carreira

Joshua Blank


Jotterz is a platform that combines school work, resources, and outside information into one to ease learning and grading. ‘Notebooks in the Cloud.’

Judd Rattner


Jump into the ultimate adventure: virtual world games for kids, in an online 3D virtual world.


To provide any child access to exceptional curriculum and tools that enable him or her to maximize his or her success in life, regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance.

K12 Complete

To provide schools with the best and most innovative e-Commerce solution.

Kalimah Priforce

Kalimah Priforce runs Qeyno Labs, which works with local partners and schools to bring technology-enabled career discovery into under-served classrooms using game-like rewards and mentorship from real-life professionals. Qeyno focuses on making “career day” an every day experience for the millions of students that can’t afford private college and career guidance. He is passionate about [...]

Kaplan Virtual Education

Kaplan Virtual Education provides online curriculum development and online learning for grades 6-12 through partnerships with schools and districts, but also provides to and works with schools directly serving middle and high school students. The flexible, individualized and high-quality curriculum and instruction is used to promote student success by focusing its resources on providing “dynamic, [...]

KC Distance Learning

Online schools partnered with local schools.

Keystone National Highschool

Dream. Connect. Achieve


Document Peer Review

Kickboard for Teachers

Student Assessment / Performance

KidGrid Project

An iPhone/iPod Touch app to support teachers’ assessment of students and instructional decision-making.


Infrastructure / Service Provider


Test Prep


Kno offers downloadable cheap eTextbooks for iPad, Web, and Facebook.

Know-It-All LLC

Know-It-All employs novel science-based design to skip past unnecessary conscious effortful recall exercise and instead exercise and develop automaticity in a fast, fun, and engaging way.

Kodiak Software

Kodiak is an automatic gradebook and recommendation system for educational apps.


Online Studying / Notesharing / Homework Help


Kuder, Inc. is the leading provider of Internet-based tools and resources that help students and adults achieve their educational and career planning goals.


Languagenut makes teaching and learning languages fun and easy. Teachers track progress saving hours of pain.

Late Nite Labs

Late Nite Labs creates engaging science content centered on a virtual lab platform. Our products are used in distance and hybrid learning settings at universities, colleges and high schools.

Latimer Education

Developing an online university targeting African Americans.

Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.

We own a network of websites, including and

Learn Out Live

Learn Out Live provides private language courses and coaching for individuals. Instead of offering fixed solutions we create lesson plans and schedules anew each time.


LearnBoost offers online gradebooks and other management tools for educators that integrate with Google Apps, calendars, and document sharing.

Learner First

We transforms how schools use data to make informed instructional decisions.

Learning Encounters

We bring science experiences to todays young people, ages 12+. We offer real, lab-quality science tools that connect to the internet and allow kids to share, learn and explore together.

Learning Games Network

The Learning Games Network is the hub of leadership in learning game design, and makes connections among those who care about and have a stake in digital learning games.

Learning Guide Network

The Learning Guide Network is an online directory of Learning Providers (schools, private instructors, tutors, coaches, trainers, etc.) and Learning Events (classes, lessons, workshops, seminars, lectures, etc.)

Learning Pool

Learning Pool is an online learning community dedicated exclusively to the UK public sector.



LectureShare is an e-learning environment which allows instructors to manage their course content so students can easily access course information.


Lessontrack makes the life of any education provider better. From billing to videos taken during a lesson, to scheduling and payroll, we take the fragmented life of the educator and put everything in one place.


Teachers copy and paste anything into LessonWriter to create high-quality, standards-based lessons in minutes, not hours.

Library For All

Building a digital library for the developing world.

License Buddy

Lingt Classroom

Webtools for language: technology for where languages are learned est – the classroom.™ personal assistant, currently available as a Google Chrome Extension, is a free tool that seamlessly integrates language learning with online daily activities, empowering users to improve their language skills.


LinkIt! is a complete solution for data-driven decision making and intervention.


Litmos is a new LMS, built from the ground up that’s fresh and simple to use but still delivers where you need it the most.


Livemocha, Inc. is the world’s largest language learning community, combining online instructional content with a global community of language learners. Livemocha offers languages learning programs in over 35 languages. The company was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative)

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is working to make it easier to publish and discover quality educational content and products online.


Reclaim your brain – improve brain health and performance.

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Your kid’s book library.


Making Achievement Possible


Matygo is an online learning platform that provides a real classroom experience through group video chat and live documents.



Design games, simulations, & social networks. Thousands of schools use our GoVenture products. Companies hire us to develop their products.


Turns learning into a compulsive sport


Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF organizer for students and educators.

Metria Learning

Metria is an Instructional Alignment System that provides extremely easy-to-use online tools to help you manage assessments, interventions, and curricular plans, to support student achievement in the classroom, school, district, and state.


Metryx is a mobile formative assessment solution with multiple ways to collect & analyze data, group students & differentiate instruction.

Michael Bollman

Michael West

Michael West

Mike Cavaliere

CTO at Brainscape. User-experience developer from the digital advertising industry, and brain-wave technology hacker in spare time. Winner of the 2009 NYC Big Apps competition.

Mike Gioia

Mind Labs

Instructional Management System


Create online learning, training, and software.

Mindset Works

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Find institutes, colleges and courses, MBA and engineering entrance exams, admissions, and results.

MIS Technologist Corporation

UN Citizen Ambassdor Video 2011

Moshi Monsters (Mind Candy)

Mind Candy is one of the world’s leading developers of social multi-player games, helping kids (and big kids!) around the world play and connect. It produces Moshi Monsters, an innovative interactive game.

Muzzy Lane

Learning Games

My First Yoga

My First Yoga develops wellness focused technology products for toddlers and preschoolers that are both “fun” and “good for you.”

My School Binder

Instructional Management System


College Prep/ Placement


Lifelong Learning Resources


Know and engage your students.


Nanoogo is a creative learning platform for young students and their teachers, on which they can share their so unique talents, and learn while having fun!


The leading provider of k-12 solutions that inspire students to achieve pos-secondary success.

Negative Research

Teacher Resources / Professional Development

New Futuro

College Prep/ Placement

New York Institute of Management

Online Schools / Degree Programs

NewCo Assessments Etc

Student Assessment / Performance

Video Content / Courses

NextGuru is a free online platform to connect students to private tutors, music teachers & coaches instantly. Private instructors (all subject areas and experience levels) maintain a personalized online teaching profile to market themselves to students. Parents and students search, review and select teachers based on location, subject expertise, credentials, availability, rate and more.

Nibi Software Group

Video Content / Courses

Night Owls

Night Owls is a boutique web design and development shop that focuses in building user-friendly websites, web applications, and mobile apps for new tech startup companies, mid-size companies and educational institutions. We all have our unique skills that differ from each other, but we all share the same passion for usability. We believe usability is the key to bridging the gap between technology and users “people.”

Noodle Education


College study guides and notes.


Notelog [noht-log], is the premier online social learning network used for sharing academic knowledge on college campuses worldwide. Notelog’s growing number of users (“noteloggers”) consists of students, professors, publishers, and experts located around the world all collaborating to create the world’s largest collection of notes, knowledge, and know-how! Mission Statement: The idea is simple; everyone [...]


Academic Social Platform


Nuance is a technology, software, and app developer for individuals and organizations in many fields and concentrations.


uMaths is a tutorial program that complements and consolidates school learning in the home, in an interactive and fun learning environment.

Nunook Interactive

BrainNook is the first Math and Language MMO for elementary school kids.


Student Assessment / Performance is a marketplace that connects instructors and students for personal lessons and tutoring.

Online Bookstore

Textbooks / ebooks

Online College

Online College is your one-stop source for going back to school.

Open Allure

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

Open Assembly

Open Assembly is an education technology company improving the affordability of higher education by giving educators greater freedom of choice and flexibility in delivering learning materials to their students.


Discover a learning environment that goes beyond the learning management system. Open to everyone. Easy to use. Completely free. Integrated with Google Apps for Education

OpenSchool ePortfolio

OpenSchool ePortfolio is an authentic and holistic assessment tool for project-based and lifelong learning.


OpenSesame makes buying and selling eLearning courses as easy as downloading a song from iTunes.


Make the world your study group. Get live help from other students. Be a hero to your peers.


Career Development


Career Development

Orchard Learning (Siboney Learning Group)

A complete Pre-K – 12 curriculum solution, focusing on the success of children and adult learners, and committed to playing a leading role in their education by providing high-quality software at an affordable price.


Doing good things for education is good business.

Owen Software

Software-based, engineering focused career & education guidance


Learn anything with your peers – it’s online and totally free.


Learning Games


Learn what you love.


ParentSquare is a private, online communication platform for schools and other organizations who serve families. Volunteer scheduling, wishlists, multi-level messaging, photo and document scheduling, more.


Peaksmart is an interactive online adaptive math enrichment, tutoring, and learning environment.


Always Learning. Personalizing learning to improve results.

Pedro Gaspar


Textbooks / ebooks

Peter Reinhardt

Founder at


Learn to speak a foreign language in a conversational language community.


A unique ‘pen pal’ tool that’s safe, easy to use, and free, connecting junior and senior high schools worldwide.

PLATO Learning

Online Learning Solution, Online Learning Management System


We research and develop play in all forms to positively impact kids and families.


Pocket Tales

Pocket Tales is an online social reading game for kids. By adding a game layer on top of books, we encourage kids to read more often and share what they’re reading with friends.

Pora Ora (Caped Koala)

Online educational 3D games for children.


PossibilityU helps democratize college admission by connecting students, families and schools with an expert designed blended learning curriculum and data-driven tools.

Power Learning

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

Presidium Learning

School Workflow Management

Private Lessons

Find a music teacher through our exclusive professional network.

Project-based Learning Systems

Products that make authentic personalized learning achievable at scale in well-funded markets via a scalable, SaaS model proven w/ 4+ yrs of recurring high margin revenue.


Punflay develops educational apps for mobiles and tablets.


Tool / Web App

Technology enabled educational services company providing online counseling and tutoring to K-12 schools.

Qeyno Labs

Khan Academy meets LinkedIN for Students (13-17) – Gamified Career Discovery for Kids.

Quality Time Lab

Quality Time Lab creates edtech for the touch-screen generation.


We connect the world’s brightest low-income students to America’s best universities and opportunities.


Tool / Web App


Online search engine for tablet apps.


The est way to study languages, vocabulary, or almost anything – it’s free, fun, and you can share with friends.


A continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.


Tool / Web App

RALLY! Education

Education specializes in diagnostic assessments, instructional materials, and state-specific test preparation. All of RALLY!’s materials are aligned to state standards. “We’re all about student success!”


Rayku is a new peer micro-tutoring startup by University of Toronto students – an p2p tutoring website for help on the fly.


ReadNRhyme is positioned to be a leading creator of parent productivity and educational tools that promote children’s healthy development and learning.

Reg Cheramy

Founder of Edistorm

Regent Education

Infrastructure / Service Provider

Remote Learner

Instructional Management System

Renaissance Learning

Student Assessment / Performance

Rethink Autism

Special Education


Learning Games

Rigos Professional Education Programs

Rigos Professional Education Programs is a leading international provider of programs designed to prepare individuals for professional legal and accounting licensing examinations such as the BAR, CPA, and CMA exams.

Ripple Effects

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

RippleSend, Inc.

We empower students of all ages to manage their brands and futures with Web 3.0 digital ePortfolios.

Roderick Silva

RWL Tech, Inc.

Top performers, sales people, business executives and athletes use mental training to control thoughts and emotions.

Online mental trainer is a web-based tool that generates a custom mental training program so you can improve your performance.

Sami Harris


Why hasn’t this been done before?

Scholarship America

Because College Doesn’t Happen by Chance.

School Workbook

School Workflow Management


Schoolbinder helps principals, teachers, and students better organize all of their tasks and leverage insights from the data collected.


Schoox is an academy for self learners where everyone can bookmark, create, share, and socialize information in any format, from websites to online courses and use it efficiently to learn.


Scitable is an open online teaching/learning portal combining high quality educational articles authored by editors at NPG with technology-based community features to fuel a global exchange of scientific insights, teaching practices, and study resources.


Sclipo is a worldwide platform of online campuses.

Scott Messinger

Scott studied management at Bucknell University, acting in London, teaching at Johns Hopkins, and programming in his living room. After undergrad, Scott taught elementary school for 4 years in Baltimore City Public Schools. During this third and fourth year of teaching, he wrote curriculum and led professional developments in the school district. During this fourth [...]

Scratch Cards (MIT)

Imagine, Program, Share – Create and share your own interactive stories, games, music, and art.

Scribble Press

Scribble Press is a multi-channel publishing platform for kids, operating in the mobile (iPad) channel and retail (NY and LA) locations.

Second School

Deep understanding, better marks: build a real understanding of math and science.


Tool / Web App

Sérgio Santos

MSc in Computer Science. Founder of Bundlr.


We speak student: homework help, teacher resources, test prep.


A community marketplace where people can discover,book, and host amazing experiences and activities.


Sifteo is a producer of games and ‘intelligent play’ devices.


Your academic career, redefined. Work harder, work smarter, and get good grades.


Tools and advice to help students and parents plan better for college, pay less while in college, and pay back smarter after graduation.


Youtube meets karaoke – unleash the superstar in you.



Everyone has a skill to share: The easy way to share your skills and learn new ones, at a price negotiated by you.

Slava Menn

Lifelong Learning Resources


School Workflow Management

Smarty Education

Online education for children 3-9 years

Snapwiz Inc.

Snapwiz works with publishers to transform their content into highly interactive and personalized courses that can be delivered over the web, tablet and smartphone.

Social Syllabus

Instructional Management System

SocialWire Labs

Formal and informal learning, work and group communication, knowledge management and talent.


Continuous, adaptive “cognitive” analytics of student understanding. No costly testing. No extra work. Just insight for teachers & schools.




Kids help kids learn math, for grades 1-6.


Teach what you know. Learn what you don’t.

Sound Reading Solutions

Sound Reading changes the way that brains process the English language resulting in dramatic improvements in a very short time. The activites are all based on cognitive science research and the SaaS version of the product offers patent pending diagnostic capabilities and embedded assessments. The product is currently positioned for remediation but we are preparing [...]


Speakaboos is a multi-platform, multi-screen subscription service that delivers the publishing industry’s fastest growing catalog of children’s interactive storybooks. Try it on your computer, iPad or using Apple TV at

Spiral Universe

Instructional Management System

Spongelab Interactive

A global science community, Spongelab advances technology for teaching and learning purposes.

StartUp Corps

Online Courses

Student Aid (Rezolve Group)

Helping students make smart college choices.

Student of Fortune

Smart homework help – your source for easy online homework help.

Students Working To Advance Technology

Online Courses

Study Island

Study Island provides learning web programs though Archipelago Learning, which creates high impact low cost web-based learning solutions in the US, Canada, and UK.

Summer Work Station

Teacher Resources / Professional Development


The student textbook exchange. It’s a service that enables students to buy and sell textbooks to other students at their own school… like Craigslist. For Textbooks.


Syllabontes is a full-spectrum education innovation and networking platfrom combining the positive attributes of social networking with a set of dynamic, effective and interactive teaching and learning tools. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information among students, faculty, staff, and educational institutions. Syllabontes is built to change how people teach, learn and [...]

Synaptic Mash

Student Assessment / Performance

Tactus Technologies

Learning Games


Career Development


Crowdsourced college financing.


Tales2Go brings you story time, anytime with a subscription app to stream kids’ audio stories to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. We excite kids to read by giving teachers and moms mobile access to 1,600+ audio stories.

Teacher’s Gateway

Teacher Resources / Professional Development


Online Marketplace (eBay) for Local and Online Classes


TeachStreet is an online marketplace for lifelong learning. We’ve created an easy way for teachers, schools, and students to connect and find one another.

Educational video platform watched in 20+ countries.

Ted Serbinski

Teen Business Forum

Where teens discuss entrepreneurship.

Tejash Unadkat

Test Prep


Find your textbooks by course – the cheapest new, used, and rental options for your textbooks.

The Business Test (CBL Exam)

Online CBL (Certified Business Laureate) exam and skills testing.

The Campus Bubble

Our mission is to give creative students the exposure and the control they deserve. We make the content students produce more fun and more engaging through online distribution mechanisms. Simply put, we create jaw-dropping university portals.

The Founder’s Library (Swombat)

The Founders Library is an online resource and library for founders on information about starting companies and organizations .

The Learning Internet

The Learning Internet provides online, web-enhanced learning and teaching solutions in math, languages, social studies, and science to help improve student learning through supplemental curricula and assessments.

The LearnShop

We curate best-value opportunities for informal and non-traditional learning experiences with local service providers. We locate and package fun lifelong learning activities for groups and individual

The Princeton Review

All students deserve the opportunity to go to college. That’s why we work with schools and districts to provide College Readiness Programs that prepare students with the specialized skills, support, and resources they need to succeed.


Tool / Web App


Teacher Resources / Professional Development

Tom Turnbull

Top Hat Monocle

Interactive learning in the classroom

Top Test Prep

Customized test prep and private tutoring solutions to get students into the best schools.


Toy Laboratories, Inc. (ToyLabs) is changing the way young minds think about the future – today! You can think of us as a hybrid between LeapFrog and Oregon Scientific. We design, develop and market a family of innovative technology-based scientific learning platforms and related proprietary content for young minds – for use at home or in schools and universities around the world. Our product portfolio consists of interactive systems and devices (renewable energy, sensors and robotics) which connect to the web – our internet platform provides a rich, exciting and relevant user experience by enabling real-time data sharing, analysis and collaboration over the web. Our mission at ToyLabs is to inspire and empower young minds with exciting, relevant and meaningful learning experiences and to support parents and teachers with personalized tools that will help them proactively participate in the process.


Customized language and culture learning for travelers: Easily speak like a native. When in Rome, talk like the Romans do.


Instant live language exchange.


Tutfly is collaborative tutoring with a notes exchange (think Conceptboard for Google+ Hangouts meets Notehall).

Tutor Assignment

Peer-to-peer marketplace for tutors


Personalized learning, question asking, and paid tutoring services.


Tutorspree is a market place for high quality tutoring.




Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

Ujjwal Gupta

University Research & Review LLC

We provide prospective enrollees with guidance in selecting a major and a school while helping unranked schools attract students.


Free Online College Recruitment Network


Career Development

Upside Learning Solutions

Upside Learning is a global company providing training outsourcing, LMS solutions, custom eLearning development, and mobile learning for corporations and universities.


Career Development


Connecting parents, simplifying lives – UpToUs lets parents, teachers, and coaches connect and organize their kids’ groups and activities. We help parents connect and organize their kids’ classrooms, sports teams and other trusted groups.


UpToUs is a trusted web portal for families, schools and local businesses. Our members use UpToUs to communicate, raise funds, and purchase goods and services.

Urban Griot Collaborative

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

US History Scene

Founded in 2010, U.S. History Scene is a multimedia education and publishing company dedicated to providing life long history lovers, educators, and students with easy access to premier digital resources and scholarship. Our goal is to use innovative technology to democratize learning, help history enthusiasts realize their intellectual potential, and master United States history at the college level in a way that is entertaining, relevant, and intuitive.

V Think

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

Vaster Education

Vaster Education is a new resource for finding the best tutors, teachers, and trainers in NYC.


Experience the world differently: Vayable connects people with fun things to do provided by people in a community. Vayable makes it fun and easy to book tours and experiences directly from trusted experts.

Veezyon Corporation

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

Video Class

We are an education based website that covers every taught subject area in the United States. Our highly informative lessons, grouped with engaging exercises, and supplementary materials ensure that the most thorough and accurate information is being conveyed. Not only do we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of the website, we also allow our community [...]

Village 88

Village88 is a community that teaches people how to code and get jobs. For free, you can learn how to code, program, work with a personal mentor, and earn recognitions in the comunity.

Virtual Nerd

Virtual Nerd provides real online help in math and science.

VirtualTutor Video Chat based E-learning



VoiceClub transforms the tablets/smartphones of developing markets (BRIC) into Mobile Simulator Trainers for learning English.
It enables language students to improve their Listening and Speaking skills via Mobile devices while native speaking Teachers and Entertainers are able to convert Video clips from their favorite TV Shows and Movies on YouTube into educational materials (with promotional and commercial benefits).
It also connects students with Language Institutes, Private Teachers and other learners by way of Localization (GPS) technology, Facebook and Twitter sharing and a Social game.

Wattminder Instruments

Our $150 palm-sized, Personal Experiment Platform, powered by Raspberry Pi, enables hands-on learning in STEM, anytime anywhere, for everyone.


Weduc is the first worldwide social network dedicated to education in 360º. It is an online communication platform for monitoring and relationship, connecting all types of educational providers – parents, teachers, students, schools and other entities. The Weduc is a social network that was designed for education, where schools and teachers can share with parents and students, through messages, photos, videos, files and evaluations, what is happening throughout the school day in total privacy and security.


Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Tool / Web App

Wild Knowledge

Wild Knowledge helps you turn your mobile device into a tool for gathering and accessing information.

Wired Academic

The independent news source and thought center
about digital learning and education innovation.

Wireless Generation

Wireless Generation creates innovative tools, systems and services that help educators teach with excellence. With its solutions, educators can easily apply research-based, proven practices such as frequent progress monitoring and needs diagnosis, data-informed decision-making, differentiated instruction, and professional collaborations across classrooms, grades, and schools. The company has helped educators address and solve some of the [...]


Instructional Management System


Online Courses


Wordia is a Dictionary that combines word definitions with user uploaded videos.


Tool / Web App

XAP Corp.

Pioneered online college application system


Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses


Create your own interactive 3D pop-up books!


We capture the experience you had with that one exceptional teacher from high school or college online so students worldwide can have that life-changing experience. Online learning from Z to A.