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24×7 Learning

24×7 Learning Private Limited is an online e-learning company delivering enterprise, academic, and language learning solutions.

Advanced Brain Technologies

Our vision is to transform the life of every person by making sound brain fitness universally attainable.

Advanced Workstations in Education

AWE is a digital learning solution for classrooms, labs, after school programs, school libraries, and media centers.


Green Kids Media Game is a suite of interactive educational product for K-12, their families and schools using computer games, social media and the Global Internet on four continents in a new educational business model.

Amit Maimon

Andrew Gioia


Apsalar is a mobile behavioral targeting & analytics platform for iOS and Android developers

Asperger Connection School

With a school in North Carolina and an on-line curriculum for virtual learning, we provide the High Functioning Autistic and/or Asperger students with an exciting education. Students arrive as “underachievers”, “behavior problems” or just “lost” and find instead a nurturing environment. The teachers have personal experience with HFA and/or Asperger, including the Founder.
Students learn in their own style and at their own pace. Their interests are explored and expanded.
The mission is to encourage students to reach their unique and full potential.
We are looking for partners to expand capacity.


Babbel employs state-of-the-art technology to make learning a language easy and convenient: Language Learning Made Simple.


BenchPrep creates interactive and social learning courses for web and mobile from flat educational content.

Benjamin Berte


Bookend is an early notification system for schools that helps students stay ahead in class. Designed to keep parents and teachers in the loop.


BrainNook is a new online game that helps kids develop Math and English skills while exploring the Earth and playing safely with others. P

Brandon Brisbon

Brian Gravel

Cherstin Harris

Cheryl Johnson

Christy Campbell


Clouenvision Collorate!s all your resources to manage the expectations of Board, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Administration to improve staff productivity with least total cost of ownership

Dan Gillette

Digital Ignite Learning

Digital Ignite provides eLearning technologies and consulting services for Credential Bodies, Associations, Non-Profits, and Global Enterprises.


Collaboaration tool empowering students to interact in real-time in the class or at home on a web browser, iPad, iPhone or SMART Board™.

Education Dynamics

Find. Enroll. Retain.


Engrade connects over 2.8 million school administrators, teachers, students and parents through easy-to-use web-based classroom tools

Enspire Learning

Enspire Learning’s creates exceptional educational experiences for learners around the world by inspiring and motivating learners to retain, internalize, and apply knowledge more effectively.

eSpindle Learning aka

We provide 100% personalized vocabulary tutoring based on a database of 180,000 words. We are a nonprofit; currently spinning of a new vocabulary assessment tool as a for-profit company.

Excel Everest

Excel Everest is an interactive & engaging Microsoft Excel tutorial built from inside an Excel workbook.


Frolyc creates thematic applications for learning through questioning, exploration and frolic.


The corporate classroom online.

We are filling the professional education gap between university and corporates, especially professional services firms.

GYLO (GetYa Learn On)

GYLO increases revenue for publishers through Next Gen assessment platforms & premium products.

High School Hip-Hop

Supplemental / Enrichment Resources / Courses

iCreate to Educate

We provide a universal tool for understanding in K-12 classrooms worldwide, enabling students to drive their own learning.

Infinity Learning Solutions

Teach, Share, Learn.
Infinity Learning Solutions is focused on building software for online delivery of learning services.


Linkedin For High School Kids. Online Resume/Profile Builder for jobs, internships and college applications.

Jason DeRoner

Jeff Novich

Journey Education Marketing

Digital River Education Services, Inc. (“JourneyEd”) based in Dallas, Texas, is the leading multi-channel software marketer to the K-12 and post-secondary academic markets, which include students, faculty, staff, educational institutions and public school districts.

Kalimah Priforce

Kalimah Priforce runs Qeyno Labs, which works with local partners and schools to bring technology-enabled career discovery into under-served classrooms using game-like rewards and mentorship from real-life professionals. Qeyno focuses on making “career day” an every day experience for the millions of students that can’t afford private college and career guidance. He is passionate about [...]

Learn Out Live

Learn Out Live provides private language courses and coaching for individuals. Instead of offering fixed solutions we create lesson plans and schedules anew each time.

Learner First

We transforms how schools use data to make informed instructional decisions.

Learning Pool

Learning Pool is an online learning community dedicated exclusively to the UK public sector.


Developer of eLearning Software

License Buddy


LinkIt! is a complete solution for data-driven decision making and intervention.

Little Pim

Foreign language learning for young children.


Design games, simulations, & social networks. Thousands of schools use our GoVenture products. Companies hire us to develop their products.

Melissa Pickering


Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF organizer for students and educators.

Metria Learning

Metria is an Instructional Alignment System that provides extremely easy-to-use online tools to help you manage assessments, interventions, and curricular plans, to support student achievement in the classroom, school, district, and state.

Michael Bollman

Michael West

Mike Gioia

Millmark Education

K-8 Science literacy curriculum for ESL and other struggling students

MIS Technologist Corporation

UN Citizen Ambassdor Video 2011

My First Yoga

My First Yoga develops wellness focused technology products for toddlers and preschoolers that are both “fun” and “good for you.”


The leading provider of k-12 solutions that inspire students to achieve pos-secondary success.

Night Owls

Night Owls is a boutique web design and development shop that focuses in building user-friendly websites, web applications, and mobile apps for new tech startup companies, mid-size companies and educational institutions. We all have our unique skills that differ from each other, but we all share the same passion for usability. We believe usability is the key to bridging the gap between technology and users “people.”


Nuance is a technology, software, and app developer for individuals and organizations in many fields and concentrations.


uMaths is a tutorial program that complements and consolidates school learning in the home, in an interactive and fun learning environment.

Nunook Interactive

BrainNook is the first Math and Language MMO for elementary school kids.

Nuveda Learning

NuVeda provides SaaS based Learning Solutions to Scale, Speed and Measure Learning for Corporates, Training Organizations, Content providers, and Universities.

Open Assembly

Open Assembly is an education technology company improving the affordability of higher education by giving educators greater freedom of choice and flexibility in delivering learning materials to their students.

Orchard Learning (Siboney Learning Group)

A complete Pre-K – 12 curriculum solution, focusing on the success of children and adult learners, and committed to playing a leading role in their education by providing high-quality software at an affordable price.


Pencilbot is a language app developer for iOS.


PTC Software

“The Product Development Company”


Punflay develops educational apps for mobiles and tablets.

Qeyno Labs

Khan Academy meets LinkedIN for Students (13-17) – Gamified Career Discovery for Kids.

Quality Time Lab

Quality Time Lab creates edtech for the touch-screen generation.

Reg Cheramy

Founder of Edistorm

Rigos Professional Education Programs

Rigos Professional Education Programs is a leading international provider of programs designed to prepare individuals for professional legal and accounting licensing examinations such as the BAR, CPA, and CMA exams.

RippleSend, Inc.

We empower students of all ages to manage their brands and futures with Web 3.0 digital ePortfolios.

Roderick Silva

RWL Tech, Inc.

Top performers, sales people, business executives and athletes use mental training to control thoughts and emotions.

Online mental trainer is a web-based tool that generates a custom mental training program so you can improve your performance.

Sami Harris


Schoolbinder helps principals, teachers, and students better organize all of their tasks and leverage insights from the data collected.

Scientific Learning

Brain Fitness


Sclipo is a worldwide platform of online campuses.

Slava Menn

Smarty Education

Online education for children 3-9 years

Snapwiz Inc.

Snapwiz works with publishers to transform their content into highly interactive and personalized courses that can be delivered over the web, tablet and smartphone.

Sound Reading Solutions

Sound Reading changes the way that brains process the English language resulting in dramatic improvements in a very short time. The activites are all based on cognitive science research and the SaaS version of the product offers patent pending diagnostic capabilities and embedded assessments. The product is currently positioned for remediation but we are preparing [...]


Speakaboos is a multi-platform, multi-screen subscription service that delivers the publishing industry’s fastest growing catalog of children’s interactive storybooks. Try it on your computer, iPad or using Apple TV at


Online Marketplace (eBay) for Local and Online Classes

Ted Serbinski

The Learning Internet

The Learning Internet provides online, web-enhanced learning and teaching solutions in math, languages, social studies, and science to help improve student learning through supplemental curricula and assessments.

Upside Learning Solutions

Upside Learning is a global company providing training outsourcing, LMS solutions, custom eLearning development, and mobile learning for corporations and universities.


Versly integrates with Word, Excel and Powerpoint making it easy for groups to stay organized and on track – Anytime, Anywhere.

Village 88

Village88 is a community that teaches people how to code and get jobs. For free, you can learn how to code, program, work with a personal mentor, and earn recognitions in the comunity.


VoiceClub transforms the tablets/smartphones of developing markets (BRIC) into Mobile Simulator Trainers for learning English.
It enables language students to improve their Listening and Speaking skills via Mobile devices while native speaking Teachers and Entertainers are able to convert Video clips from their favorite TV Shows and Movies on YouTube into educational materials (with promotional and commercial benefits).
It also connects students with Language Institutes, Private Teachers and other learners by way of Localization (GPS) technology, Facebook and Twitter sharing and a Social game.


Weduc is the first worldwide social network dedicated to education in 360º. It is an online communication platform for monitoring and relationship, connecting all types of educational providers – parents, teachers, students, schools and other entities. The Weduc is a social network that was designed for education, where schools and teachers can share with parents and students, through messages, photos, videos, files and evaluations, what is happening throughout the school day in total privacy and security.