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EditAri Bader-Natal

Ari Bader-Natal is a educational technologist and researcher focused on creating engaging and effective technologies to help us learn online. Ari is currently the Chief Learning Architect at Grockit, where he draws on techniques from a variety of related research fields to design, build, and evaluate social software systems for personalized learning.

Ari received his PhD in computer science from Brandeis University. As part of his doctoral work, he built and studied game-based mechanisms to motivate appropriate challenges in peer-to-peer online learning networks. Thousands of teachers participated in the study, and tens of thousands of their students actively engaged in the learning games.

Ari has been lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of highly-productive social learning environments – including academic research labs and industry startups – and he tries to imbue the best of these learning dynamics into the systems that the builds.