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EditJ. Alison Bryant, Ph.D.

Consumer Savant & Media Diva

What – “white space” identifcation, consumer understanding and targeting, cross-platform product development and improvement, brand development and positioning, and monetization strategy development – plus can design and leverage the heck out of some research!

Who – A unique blend of academic and strategic, she has spent over a dozen years working with the top players in the entertainment and media space. She has been on the “inside” at MTV Networks/Nickelodeon, and been brought in to help folks like Microsoft, MySpace, Warner Bros., Disney, Hasbro, PBS, and Sesame Workshop create, develop, and bring products or content to market. She also has a (not so hidden) academic life replete with lots of theorizing, writing. and lecturing about all this stuff.

Where – Currently has the pleasure of splitting her time between NYC, staring at skyscrapers, and Western NC, staring at sky scraping mountains; but has lived in every region of the U.S. plus the U.K. and Germany. And she’s a travel-a-holic – Have you seen “Up in the Air?” Yup, that’s about right.

Why – The sheer adrenaline of uncovering the big “what’s next” and the thrill of figuring out the win-win-win solution to every situation.

Product innovation and development;kids, teens, and families research; media (TV, online, gaming, mobile, etc.); brand strategy and consulting; general consumer research; academic partnerships